Dear in the Lord,

Thank you very much for continuing to pray for peace to return in
Beni as the ADF/NALU killed many people with guns, machetes,
knives, axes and causing many people to abandon their fields and
homes. They are no long killing people but they are now robbing goods
and medicine and they are now returning people whom they are
capturing. May you pray for their complete defeat as the Islamic State
said last time that is the one operating with them.
Last year in July we abandoned our homes in the North Eastern Beni
town. And churches, hospitals, and schools stopped their activities in
this area.

We thank God because now about 90 % of people who abandoned their
homes are now back in their homes. And schools, churches and hospitals
have once again opened doors in this area.
Since 15th this month I have also returned in this area in the same
land in which we had our old mission house. And we are now renting a
new discipleship house in the same fence in which we were last time.
And since 19th this month, we are having meetings with matures people
and children every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday with the members of our
Church “Ebenezer Evangelical Church International” who have returned
in their homes.

Mahamba Wa-ibera Evariste

Founder and Senior pastor of Ebenezer Evangelical Church
International and the representative of Gospel Faith Messenger
Ministry in DRC.

UPDATE June 5, 2019
The ADF killed 12 people yesterday in the South Eastern Beni near the
central town. And they kiddnapped others. And our army killed 23
ADF/NALU last week.
May you pray the the complete defeat of the ADF/NALU

Pastor Mahamba Wa-ibera Evariste

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