Huge Conservative Win in Australia as Left-leaning Labor Party Concedes “Unlosable” Election: Shocked Pollsters Get it Wrong Yet Again!

In what’s being called an epic fail, pollsters were “confounded” that Conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison handily won Australia’s election.

(Australia) — [] Australia’s Labor party was supposed to have won yesterday’s election handily. Their surefire formula for victory of increased taxes, heightened spending on climate change and engagement with China would bring in the votes. Then the unexpected happened: Labor lost… (Screengrab image: PM Scott Morrison/ via BBC News)

Few if any of the pollsters predicted it. The resulting bafflement was expressed by one tweet: “How could polls, from every company, for months including exit polls taken on election day not just be wrong but spectacularly wrong?” It was a massive intelligence failure and one worthy of examination. All political parties presumably pay for accurate polling, even if it shows them losing, because possession of the true facts is the only way to adjust their strategy. But after three failed predictions in three major Anglosphere elections, it may be time to ask how the polls got it wrong…

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