By Rosaleen Hager

Our Father, in His unlimited wisdom, is bringing together saints
who will create CITIES OF LIGHT.

These saints of leadership will have been through the FIRE of GOD.

There will begin to be small groups, and the leaders who have been through the fire will be given the Father’s plan for that area
and will train others to go out and do the same  kind of leadership training.

Powerful, staunch, cleansed, holy, unselfish, totally sold out saints

Other saints will be sent to these CITIES OF LIGHT to help and
strengthen the leadership with prayer, and bring to the
ministry the restored gift of “helps” that are mentioned in scripture.

These Helps Ministries will be greatly loved and fully appreciated by everyone. Not only because of the help that will be given, but because of the humility and love with which they  will minister. The helpers will be greatly needed because of the scope of the vision that the Leadership will carry.

Many of the ministries that are mentioned in scripture  are
going to be unfolded. They have been lost and misguided through the centuries. The true definition and outworking of these ministries is beginning to take place now.

A clear understanding of each person’s calling will be unveiled.

These will all have been through the fire.

Only when “self” (meaning “the first Adam”) is truly dead,
and JESUS, “the LAST ADAM” reigns supreme, will we know, understand, and fulfill the partaking of the sufferings of Christ,
and also, especially, the Glory of Christ.

Partaking of the suffering of Christ which is coming will be also be accompanied by the Partaking of the GLORY of CHRIST.

Stephen was the First Fruits of this truth.

“Every member of the supreme council focused his gaze on Stephen, for right in front of their eyes, while being falsely accused, his face glowed as though he had the face of an angel!” Acts 6:15 Passion Translation.

“When they heard these things, they were overtaken with violent rage filling their souls, and they gnashed their teeth at him. But Stephen, overtaken with great faith, was full of the Holy Spirit. He fixed his gaze into the heavenly realm and saw the
glory and splendor of God — and Jesus, who stood up at the right hand of God.

“Look!, Stephen said, “I can see the heavens opening and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God to welcome me home!” Acts 7: 54-56 Passion Translation.

This same thing is happening all over the world right now.
Christian families in Syria and other neighboring countries are being martyred for their faith.

We are called to “be strong in the Lord and the power of his might.” And to, “have the mind of Christ.” Only the mind of Christ can survive what is coming. You can have His mind. Ask for it daily. His mind will bring peace, understanding, and strength.

The world will have a lot of things happening at the same time. All will be happening at once. We will be having a lot of super natural events and outpourings.

As a warrior, you are trained to “Keep Focused on the Mission”.
The enemy will try to distract you from the truth. Do not allow it.

A study of all of the revivals throughout history actually reveals that they were eventually opposed and watered down by religious people who began teaching against some of the new truths
that were being brought back to the body of Christ.

They used scripture out of context. Severe persecution came from the body of Christ. Sometimes, leadership was pressured to step aside and be “cared for” by highly respected ministers.
This same pattern has been deployed through history.

Men’s ideas, Men’s interpretation, Men’s thoughts about what God wants are all a product of rebellion. This is why we need the purifying Fire of God.
I really love the way that one of the saints expressed this.
This tactic of the enemy will not work this time.


Rosaleen Hager

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