Special Note from Ron McGatlin, OpenHeaven.com Digest

Hello Everyone,

Some of you may have noticed that the regular issue of OpenHeaven.com Digest has not been sent out for a while. I have been in the hospital with a staph infection and am now recuperating at home. Major surgery was avoided and my recovery is now rapidly taking place. This is not much short of a miracle healing. The doctors were somewhat amazed by my recovering without surgery. I believe this is a response to the many who prayed for my recovery. Thank you for your faith filled loving prayers

I am still on antibiotics for a while to prevent a return of the problem. However, I am getting back to full ability and expect to resume the regular OpenHeaven.com Digest email publication and video this coming week. God is doing awesome things and there is much to speak and write about. I am excited to send out our small part of the powerful word coming from God in these times.

Thank you for being a part of OpenHeaven.com and especially thank you for your prayers as we seek together the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

There is never any charge or recommended gifts for anything from OpenHeaven.com. This is not a plea for funds but a convenience for those led of God to assist us with additional expenses. For information on giving go to the website Contact Us page on openheaven.com.

The Big Question

The big question is not, is there life after death. The great question for you and me today is this: Is there life NOW, real life, eternal life, abundant life? Yes, the true life of Christ, the resurrected life of Jesus alive within our mortal bodies by the Holy Spirit is the immortal, eternal, and abundant life now and forever.

The mystery of the ages now revealed is the immortal glorified Christ in you the hope of glory. The glory of God filling the earth through the resurrected Christ abiding in multitudes of Sons of God, joint heirs with Christ Jesus, ruling and reigning on Planet Earth.

Much Love and Blessings,

Ron McGatlin

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