The Body yearns for ‘connection,’ the Body yearns for ‘community,’ the Body yearns for ‘purpose;’ to be part of something genuine, something greater than the individual part. In part, we satisfy this yearning in our local church, home group, cell group, friend group, work, or organization; but ONLY in part. In reality, this is a poor substitute for the REAL THING – the Body of Christ forming and connecting in real, genuine, authentic purpose, which is to function as a Body (in one mind and one accord – AS ONE).

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This is to reveal THE FATHER through His many-membered Body (actually accomplishing something significant TO and FOR a dying world). They hunger for what we alone are appointed to bring. This, in fact, is another form of Church, as our traditions wound limit us to steeples, stain glass, choirs, and choir robes, or other traditions as may limit us to ‘our church.’ Allow the spirit of the living God to open your mind to something much bigger; a world-changing entity called The Body Of Christ: His Church joining together as one IN FUNCTION. We’ve claimed oneness, yet not walked in it since the 3rd Century.

Doctrinalized, Denominationalized, Demonized, and categorically Divisionalized we have become anything but UNIFIED. If division is our enemy, we MUST recognize our greatest friend – a call to unity, to act together AS ONE!

This is not to diminish the great work of individual ministries and the many ministries doing great things today, but rather to take us  beyond current traditional thought, to another level of thinking, to another level of revealing The Father; fulfilling His prayer, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven.” Kingdom revelation ON EARTH will reach it’s zenith as ‘The Body’ becomes one with itself. Christ used “the body” often to illustrate the need for all parts to be connected – “A house (body) divided against itself CANNOT STAND.” A stand alone body part does little without proper connection to the body it is called to serve. This has been, and continues to be the enemy’s greatest strength – I-N-D-I-V-I-D-U-A-L-I-T-Y.

While past emphasis has been individuals ‘connecting’ with other individuals, the emphasis today is the connection of individual cells – Churches, home groups, cell groups, businesses, organizations moving together AS ONE, partnering to do great things. As these parts ‘connect’ in purpose, a supernatural power is released – one can put a thousand to flight, two can move ten thousand. UNITY is the strength of PURPOSE – God’s greatest tool on earth; just as disunity is the devil’s greatest control mechanism (look at the world today). DANIEL and his partners were 10x anyone else. Even a little unity goes a long way on this earth. IMAGINE A COMPLETELY UNIFIED BODY!

The Unifying of The Body of Christ can only occur at an ‘appointed time’ with a ‘specific purpose.’ As with the phenomenon of quantum physics, the cells ‘called’ to come together are beginning to recognize each other. They yearn to connect, they long for purpose, realizing destiny and purpose are deeply linked to CONNECTION, which unlocks REAL SPECIFIC PURPOSE. Doctrines and differences divide us, while unique common purpose UNITES us (like nothing ever has). THE COMMON PURPOSE TODAY IS TO BE PART OF A FUNCTIONING BODY, ACTUALLY TAKING THE LAND IN OUR APPOINTED SPHERE. Nothing less can ever fully satisfy!

Demonstration (God’s Word made flesh) is the Third Day Gospel (John 10:10, 3 John 2), yet it cannot ‘preach fully’ until the Body unifies. An enemy to this unification is individual parts desiring to maintain their ‘individuality,’ ministries, and self-appointed kingdoms. To be part of something greater would be to lose their given identity, which is ‘fear based’ but not reality. To bring an individual part to a much greater whole IS the greatest honor God can bestow upon us today – to be included in His current move, wherever and whatever that is for you.

The joining of groups mentioned here is not a joining for the sake of joining, but rather a joining of the parts ‘called’ for one specific purpose – a functioning Body. The Body of Christ cannot function as a divided Body ‘doing it’s own thing.’ It can only achieve ‘functioning status’ when it unifies and actually does something besides talk about what God “is going to do.” It is time to put away our symbolic tambourine, and actually enter into “the work of our calling.” We are called “to take the land.” It is time that our mouth and feet become one – that our talk and walk become one in the same. It’s time to quit talking and start walking, unifying and connecting to a “greater purpose,” which is to be part of a corporate move of God – connecting the Body of Christ.

As with other moves of God, this one will begin out of nowhere, but unlike other moves this one is without ebb. THE KINGDOM within us (corporately) is being revealed to the world in the only way it can: when we are in one mind and one accord. What mountain are you assigned to take? How do you do this?Through the appointed spheres of our calling: Connecting ‘in purpose’ is to connect ‘on purpose’ becoming part of a functioning Body.

If you ‘sense’ this message – Find those who you are ‘linked’ to and watch how fast His purpose is revealed to you, then watch as cells in Florida connect to Georgia, then these joint cells connect to Illinois, then California, almost in cataclysmic fashion; AND THEN, before you know it, mountain takers become fellow mountaineers helping many others “take the land” of their assignment – “On earth as it is in heaven, one mind and one accord.” Glory To God! I believe this to be ‘the word of the Lord.’

Clay Sikes
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