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Praise Reports

Former IS leader has a ‘God dream’

Leading the Way ministry has reported that a ‘prince of IS’ has turned from terrorism to Jesus Christ. Mohammed asked ministry worker Peter to meet him, wanting to kill him. Despite the danger, Peter believed God wanted him to go, and boldly spoke the Word of Jesus to the IS leader. After the meeting Mohammed struggled to grasp what he’d heard about who God really is. He met him again, and told him he’d dreamt of a fragrant envelope dripping blood. Peter said God was telling him, ‘Blood had to be shed for the forgiveness of sins. Jesus is sending you a message and you need to give your life to Him.’ At that moment Mohammed surrendered his life to Jesus.

Praise: God for the miracles of dreams and encounters with Him across the nations. (Proverbs 27:9)

Forty children miraculously shielded

A miracle story is emerging after a tornado struck Paducah, Kentucky, devastating a church building where forty preschool children and ten church staff were going about their day. The miracle? No one was killed or injured even though the roof was ripped off. As the storm raged around them, they sang songs like ‘Jesus loves me’ and ‘He’s got the whole world in his hands’. The church suffered massive damage, but the only room not affected was the one where they were sheltering. By God’s grace, they were kept safe. Later, members of the community showed up in droves to help the church begin its recovery efforts.

Praise: God that no one was hurt despite the severity of the storm – but, as always, pray also for the mystery of others less fortunate. (Proverbs 2:8)

Praise Reports

Intercessor Focus: prayer and politics

Many are asking, ‘How can we pray for an orderly solution to Brexit when the leaders of our nations appear to be tirelessly holding opposing forceful opinions?’ Now is the time to ask God to replace confusion with order and replace chaos with clarity. Pray that the outworking of every emotion and frustration among MPs and in the EU will facilitate the fulfilling of God’s purposes. God is Lord of Heaven and earth, He is righteous, just and merciful; nothing is impossible for Him. In faith we can ask Him to bring boundaries, borders, and the sovereignty of the UK into His intention for the future. You are also reminded of the National Call to Prayer for the UK during the week of 24–30 March. May God revive us with fresh revelations of the depth of His love and authority that comes from Heaven when we pray.

Pray: for grace to be poured into every seeming impossibility concerning Brexit. (Matthew 19:26)

12,000+ charities accused of promoting religion

The National Secular Society (NSS) claims that 12,000+ charities exist solely to promote religion, with some using public money to promote extremism and harmful practices, and calls for the advancement of religion to be removed from the list of charitable purposes. Although benefits provided by most of the charitable purposes relieve poverty, promote good health, save lives and protect the environment, the NSS said the benefit to the public by advancing a religion is far more contestable and based on the outdated presumption that religion is inherently a good thing. It believes religious fundamentalism has demonstrated that religion can exacerbate tension, division, segregation and conflict in Britain, and ’as such there is a clear need to consider whether religion should be regarded as an inherent public good deserving the status of a charitable purpose’. The NSS has written to the charities minister, calling for the removal of the advancement of religion as a charitable purpose.

Pray: for the religious charities doing good work to be recognised for their efforts. (2 Samuel 22:21)

More Birmingham schools stop LGBT classes

Last week we prayed for sex education to be the responsibility of parents not schools. This week four more schools in Birmingham have stopped teaching about LGBT rights following complaints. The No Outsiders programme in Birmingham will now be suspended until an agreement with parents is reached. The debate began when Parkfield Community School suspended the lessons following parents’ protests. Campaigner Amir Ahmed said some Muslims felt ‘victimised’, but an LGBT group leader said No Outsiders helped pupils understand it is OK to be different. Leigh Trust said it was halting the lessons until after Ramadan, which finishes in June. Also, seven primary schools in Manchester, which have been contacted by parents unhappy over sex and relationships lessons that teach children about LGBT rights, have asked school management to discuss the inclusion of the lessons in the curriculum.

Pray: for the ‘meaningful and open discussions’ to conclude relationship and sex education must emphasise the value of heterosexual marriage and not LGBT issues. (Leviticus 20:13a)

Pants rules for children

Children are taught about crossing the road safely. Talking to them about staying safe from sexual abuse is just as easy with the NSPCC’s new PANTS rules. With the help of a friendly dinosaur called Pantosaurus, talking PANTS is a simple way to teach a young child how to stay safe from abuse. The singing dinosaur video and fun activity pack can help parents teach the key messages without using any scary words. There are also PANTS teaching resources for schools and teachers that include lesson plans, class activities, and a catchy song ‘Not in My Pants’. It is not known exactly how many UK children experience abuse, because it is hidden from view. Adults may not recognise the signs, or the child may be too young, too scared or too ashamed to say what is happening. See

Pray: for the material to be used well, and for adults to recognise abuse when it is occurring. (Psalm 72:4)

Slavery in the UK

The Government estimates that tens of thousands of people are slaves in the UK. Most are trafficked from Albania, Vietnam, Nigeria, Romania and Poland. There are also significant numbers of British national slaves. Forced labour is in agriculture, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, and car washes. Women and girls are trafficked for sexual exploitation or domestic slavery. Children are forced into cannabis production, petty theft and begging. In 2009 the Government set up a mechanism to which potential cases were referred to access relevant support. It wasn’t fit for purpose. Slavery victims were not supported, and traffickers got away with their crimes. A new Modern Slavery Act was introduced in 2015. Research has found that the number of potential victims of trafficking and modern slavery reported to the authorities has risen by over 80% in two years, and the number of modern slavery cases involving UK children is alarming. See

Pray: for improvements in detection and apprehension of slave masters in the UK. (Proverbs 21:15)

Government challenged over arrest of street preacher

The arrest and subsequent release of street preacher Oluwole Ilesanmi in Enfield on 23 February (see) prompted outrage on social media, and prompted questions in parliament. Theresa Villiers MP asked the Home Office what guidance is provided to the police on street preachers, what lessons have been learned from this incident, and what steps are being taken to ensure that church groups can preach on the street. The Government replied that freedom of expression is a vital part of a democratic society, and it is a long-standing tradition that people are free to share their views with others. On 21 March Christian Concern reported that London mayor Sadiq Khan is to face questions over the incident, especially since the the police have changed their story on Olu’s ‘de-arrest’. See

Pray: for Oluwole to be encouraged, and for Sadiq Khan and the Government to protect Christian freedoms. (2 Timothy 4:2a)

Birmingham mosques attacked

On 21 March, five mosques in Birmingham were targeted in a string of violent attacks overnight and into the morning. Reports of a man smashing windows with a sledgehammer were received at 2:30 am. Officers were then alerted to four similar attacks nearby. West Midlands police said it has yet to establish a motive, and officers from its counter-terrorism unit are investigating. Since the tragic events in New Zealand, police officers and staff have been working closely with their faith partners across the region to offer reassurance and support at churches, mosques and places of prayer.

Pray: for communities to be safe in the current climate of bias and violence. (Job 11:18)

Praise Reports

Praying for Christian revival

It was recently said that Europe, in its diversity, has the commission of the Creator to seek unity, otherwise it breaks into an infinite number of dwarfs fighting each other. Wikipedia states that religion in Europe has been a major influence on today’s society, art, culture, philosophy and law, and the largest religion in Europe is Christianity. But irreligion and practical secularisation are strong. In the 2011 census 96% of Kosovo residents and 58% of Albania residents were Muslim. Modern revival movements of other religions include Heathenism, Rodnovery, Romuva, Druidism, and Wicca. Smaller Indian religions linked to Buddhism are also found in their largest groups in Britain, France, and Kalmykia, Russia. Pray for the various Christian mission agencies commissioned by God to reach and revive faith in the one Almighty God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit. See

Pray: for God’s power to fill all agencies, changing Europe’s spiritual climate. (1 Corinthians 4:20)

North Macedonia: a challenging April election

Macedonia has launched a renaming of the country’s institutions after a deal with Greece that changed its name to North Macedonia. The deal came into effect on 12 February, after ratification by Greece’s parliament. Following the name change of this former Yugoslav republic, voters will elect a new president. Political rancour and ethnic division among political forces remain rife, yet many hope that offers of accession talks by the EU will end political dissension and stalemate. North Macedonia’s main opposition party, VMRO-DPMNE, nominated law professor Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova as its candidate. He is a harsh opponent of the deal with Greece and of the adoption of the law that made Albanian the second official language in the country. The first round of the election will be on 21 April. The governing SDSM party still has to decide on its candidate. See

Pray: for a responsible political force to be elected and unite the country. (Amos 5:14)

Praise Reports

Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe: cyclone crisis

The UN estimates that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people were affected by Cyclone Idai; the world does not yet realise the enormity of the situation. Six days after its 106 mph winds and rain hit southern Africa, thousands are still cut off. Beira, where the storms first made landfall, was not reached for three days. Every building in the city (population 500,000) was damaged. The whole region is without power. Food, clothes and medicine are needed immediately, but flooded, damaged roads need repairing before assistance can reach them. Save the Children warned on 18 March that 100,000’s of children are at risk as rivers burst their banks. Malawi was flooded by torrential rainfall before Idai made landfall in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Whole villages were swept away in the three countries. Pray for the military and humanitarian agencies trying to gain access to thousands of stranded people. Pray for abundant donations of food, drinking water, medicine and clothing to reach victims quickly, after what is believed to be the worst ever natural disaster in the southern hemisphere.

Pray: for clear communications between agencies; for those in shock, the injured and bereaved; and for those who have to build their lives all over again. (Psalm 6:2)

Sudan: Christian broadcasting

Sudan is among the world’s worst for gender inequality, with many women deprived of their rights. Now, a new SAT-7 Arabic show is offering women a platform for their voices to be heard. Hosted by three female Sudanese presenters, ‘Woman and Mirror’ is giving women hope by letting women view themselves through the mirror of the Bible. Sudan’s gender discrimination begins in childhood. The country has one of the highest rates of female genital mutilation in the world (87%). A quarter of Sudanese girls stop attending school early in secondary education, and can be legally be married at age ten. Soaring inflation, public protests, and a security crackdown under a state of emergency have made life difficult and unsafe for many. Pray for the country’s people. Pray that ‘Woman and Mirror’ will offer guidance and reassurance to women and families in these unstable times.

Pray: for protection and prosperity over Christian broadcasting to Arabic speakers. (Genesis 28:15a)

Global: indigenous, tribal and animistic peoples

Local ethnic or folk religions have seen great losses to the larger religious movements. They were the dominant faith among 30% of the world in 1900, but only among 9% today. Yet traditional religion has not gone away. Many followers of world religions wear their faith lightly and remain, at heart, followers of folk religions: shamanists, idol worshippers, spiritists or ancestor worshippers. The worldwide fascination with spells, amulets, crystals, and the occult highlights the power of the old ways. People who claim to connect with the spirit-world are still in demand around the world. Their presence is a kind of tax on fear. Yet people who have turned to Christ from folk religion testify to His power over spells, curses, fears, taboos and superstitions, and also in the life-and-death issues like sin and forgiveness. Pray for His light to shine ever brighter into the world of animism.

Pray: for those living in superstitious fear to find peace and new life in Jesus Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Global: terrorism – 1

Following New Zealand’s terror attack, there have been six recorded incidents in just seven days. In Israel two rockets launched from Gaza terrorised residents around Tel Aviv; explosions and sirens were heard throughout the region. Palestinian terror group Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility. Two Israelis were killed in another terror attack, and two days later a shooting attack on an Israeli bus traumatised passengers. In the Netherlands a gunman opened fire inside a tram, killing three and injuring others. In Kashmir 44 soldiers were killed and dozens injured by Pakistan terrorists. In Stanwell, UK, a far-right terrorist was arrested for attempted murder and racially aggravated public order. American experts say white nationalist threats are growing. Prayer leader Brian Mills says, ‘Satan undermines truth, is full of self-importance, is vehemently anti-Jewish and anti-Christian, seeks to interrupt our communication with God, and is a terrorist! We see a spirit of violence, intrinsic within Islam, being turned outwards.’

Pray: for us Christians to watch and pray as we view media news reports. (2 Chronicles 20:15b)

Global: terrorism – 2

A few militants defending a Syrian river bank are all that is left of IS’s ‘caliphate’. 40,000 foreigners from 110 countries joined it; many have gone home, creating security challenges. Thousands are in Kurdish detention camps awaiting relocations. Distinguishing between regretful and repentant hangers-on and truly dangerous fighters is a legal and political nightmare, creating relationship cracks between Europe and US. Meanwhile IS’s black flag flies over an enclave on the Philippine island of Basilan, where a cathedral was bombed. IS-linked groups are still active in Nigeria, Sudan, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and stretches of northern Africa and the Sahel. While they may not have access to the oil revenues that enabled IS to claim to be an actual state, they remain a security threat. IS is also alive and well on the web, with gruesome and well-produced propaganda.

Pray: for God to touch and turn around misguided violent hearts. (Ezekiel 36:26)

Afghanistan: costs of war and peace

On 12 March, the US and Taliban finished their longest set of talks to date. After sixteen days of negotiating, the US special representative for Afghanistan reconciliation tweeted, ‘Peace requires agreement on four issues: counter-terrorism assurances, troop withdrawal, intra-Afghan dialogue, and a comprehensive ceasefire. We’re now “agreed in draft” on the first two.’ This is a positive development; previously they had only ‘agreed in principle’. The next step is for them to consult with decision-makers for approval of the draft agreement so that it can be finalised. This would pave the way for direct talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government, to address remaining issues. However, these talks have not involved the government, so President Ashraf Ghani’s administration is feeling excluded and suspicious.

Pray: for fears of loss of power or prestige to be replaced with forgiveness and peace. (Matthew 5:44)

Eritrea: 32 Christians arrested in March

This month Eritrean police have arrested 32 Christians in the capital, Asmara, including a newlywed couple and ten of their guests. Eritrea’s human rights record was recently condemned at the UN Human Rights Council. A UN monitoring group said thousands of Christians are facing detention, as ‘religious freedom in Eritrea continues to be denied’. The council also heard that Eritrea’s claims of improvement in the human rights were unfounded. In 2002 Eritrea introduced a law prohibiting Christian practice outside the Orthodox, Catholic and Evangelical Lutheran denominations, and Sunni Islam.

Pray: for the law against practising ‘unrecognised’ religions to be abolished. (Psalm 7:6)

Canada: Ears to Hear

The second largest country in the world is sparsely populated, so Ears to Hear unites intercessors across Canada. We can join them in praying for their Churches to experience a great move of God’s Spirit, manifested in prayer and heart-felt closeness to God. Pray that during Lent there will be a powerful time of encountering God! May the Spirit’s call to fasting, prayer and softened hearts bring the Church back to her first love (Revelation 2:4, 3:19,20). Pray also for the harvest fields. Contend that the Lord will bring hunger for God in the areas of the nation that seem most resistant to the gospel, and that the fields will be prepared to receive the gospel.

Pray: for a new wave of Holy Spirit-empowered harvesters and intercessors for the harvest! (Luke 10:2)

Praise Reports
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