Some of the men in the mob began tearing Geeta’s clothes off, getting ready to douse her with kerosene…

Mark Ellis : Mar 14, 2019 : God Reports

[God Reports] As a new Believer, Manoj felt an excitement and zeal to share his faith with his neighbors. (Image: Angry Hindu nationalists/via God Reports)

But one day, an angry mob of Hindu nationalists knocked on the door of his home. When he opened the door, they grabbed Manoj and dragged him outside, shouting at him to renounce his faith in Jesus Christ, according to a report by The Timothy Initiative (TTI).

They searched his house, found his wife Geeta and his young son, and hauled them oEven after being beaten bloody and watching his family suffer, Manoj would not deny Christ,” according to TTI.

The mob leader then came up with the idea of a devious torture similar to waterboarding. “They dragged Manoj down to the lake, tied his hands behind his back so he couldn’t defend himself, and began shoving his head down under the water.”

Repeatedly they thrust his head under the water, depriving the young Believer of needed oxygen.

Still, Manoj refused to renounce his faith.

Then someone in the mob had another idea. Containers filled with kerosene stood nearby.

Inspired by the evil one, they decided they would light Geeta on fire.

“Manoj was disoriented from the water torture he’d been through, but he was still conscious, and understood what they planned to do to his wife. It was horrifying, but he felt powerless. His only hope was in God to save them,” according to TTI.

The leader shouted at Manoj, “If you do not deny Jesus, we will light your wife on fire and you will watch her burn to death.”

Some of the men in the mob began tearing Geeta’s clothes off, getting ready to douse her with kerosene.

In the chaos of the situation, God did something remarkable…

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