February 28th, 2019

We are so pleased to share news of our new After-Care facility for trafficked infants, our  upcoming events, and the enduring encouragement of the testimony of Jesus through our podcast!

Much love in Jesus,
-Heidi & Rolland Baker and the Iris Global Team


Our team at Iris Cambodia serves on the front lines of the sex-trafficking industry. They are compelled by the love of God to stop for the one who is vulnerable, helpless, and abused. As part of that ministry they are opening their first After-Care home to rescue babies before they are trafficked.

Our team will be housing and caring for at-risk infants who would otherwise be in imminent danger of being trafficked. Our team has encountered many cases of unborn babies being pre-arranged for sale to traffickers. The going rate is $200 for the life of a newborn baby. Most of the parents believe they are coordinating with an adoption agency so they can find a forever home for their baby; they believe they are doing the right thing. However, the reality is absolutely sinister and babies end up in the hands of organ and sex traffickers. This cannot be!

The After-Care home will be staff by missionaries and national caregivers for rescued babies from the ages of birth to one year old. Their mission is to stand in the gap for the innocent, to rescue the one already in bondage, and provide a safe space to encounter the love of Jesus.

To get more information and find out how you can get involved, please visit us at

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