Prophetic Mercy Missionaries

2018 was a year of unprecedented disasters in the United States. Hurricane Michael and Florence, as well as the fires in Paradise, California, were all the “worst ever” of their kind.

Meanwhile, around the globe, famine, war, genocide, human trafficking, and hunger are at epic proportions. How will you respond?

The world needs more than band-aids. An apostolic response is required to this crisis so that a great harvest of souls comes in and cities and nations are transformed.

Today, we are sounding the alarm for a company of prophetic mercy missionaries to arise, who understand the hour we live and know what to do! Why not you?

Why not now? Our vision is to train and mobilize an army of end-time prophetic, mercy missionaries to the theatre of crisis, mobilized in the spirit of night and day prayer, releasing great demonstrations of power and rebuilding cities on the Kingdom of God!

Register today for one our spring events at our new mission base in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Come encounter God, get equipped and be sent to reach the harvest in the midst of crisis!

ARC School | March 9 – April 25

As crisis and disaster increase in scale and scope, a new mission field is calling mercy missionaries to come reach its harvest. The ARC is an 11 week, crisis response missions training school designed to equip you to become a full-time, hope-filled CRI Missionary.


Basic Training Camp | April 2-6

CRI Basic Training Camp will better equip you to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people in crisis and disaster, and mobilize you to bring hope, compassion, and relief by the power of the Holy Spirit. Get trained and certified as a disaster relief volunteer so you can deploy with CRI!


The Advanced Chaplaincy Intensive is a focused time of equipping for those who have a heart to “pastor in disaster and crisis”.

This intensive will equip you to more effectively minister to those affected by crisis and advance as a CRI Chaplain. Understand the complexities of grief and trauma, compassion fatigue and PTSD and learn how to minister to the suffering. There will also be special training on working with police, fire and first-responders.

Learn how to become part of the CRI Chaplaincy Team with special Chaplaincy Team times! We are taking things to a new level in 2019!



Take the Land – February 2 – March 9

This deployment is open to church teams and individuals to come to help prepare our new missions base!

We need everyone’s help to get ready for the thousands that will soon come to receive CRI training. Come for a week or stay the month as we have specific projects and prayer assignments to take this land.

Please check the list of supplies and resources we still need!


Refuge & Rebuilding Intensive
April 30 – March 4

Preparing Places of Refuge & Hope, Rebuilding Communities, Sustainability, Clean Water, Farming and Much More!


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1121 S. Front Street – Wilmington, NC – 28401

For questions, contact:

(910) 557-2744



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