Pioneer Or City Dweller?

By Clay SikesC

We are all familiar with history, and the great contribution of pioneers (who pushed away from the status quo and safety of city life) to brave long distance travel in uncomfortable wagons, Indian attack, weather, and many other obstacles in search of a new land, life, and liberty. These pioneers made a way for a new territory and new life for many others – this country owes them a lot. History reveals early pioneers and settlers were a vital part of what we are as a nation today. These people had to make a decision – play it safe or ‘go for it!’ Father Abraham had to make this same decision as we do today.

Decision ALWAYS translates into energy. Energy appropriates ONLY when decision is final: Meaning, all necessities to accomplish the tasks come roaring ONLY when heart commitment is affirmed with action (works). “Faith without works is dead,” an oft quoted scripture oft overlooked as to the depth of it’s true meaning. Why? Many confuse grace with a feeling. The ‘grace’ teaching, as with many teachings moving through the Body of Christ, initiated in purity but later drew man’s interpretation which perverted much truth, and in this case, stagnated many in the Body to virtual inactive status. Just as works without faith are dead works; so too is faith without effort. Grab this priceless nugget – it will change your life.

While grace is a necessity in accomplishing any God directed assignment, grace or lack of, is often interpreted by not enough human understanding, energy, money, desire, too much opposition, or any number of other interpretations the enemy provides as ‘excuses’ to avoid assignments. Faith to move mountains is negated by a grace message that says “If you don’t feel it, don’t try.” This has held many captive for years. We are ‘called’ to be pioneers, sojourners, travelers, and ambassadors in this “foreign land,” but instead many of us have been ‘stay-at-home,’ do-nothing, useless human beings, wasting life and the very purpose for being placed in the earth. We have remained captive by our false beliefs that IF this (assignment) was of God we would have energy, health, money, know-how, and even youth to accomplish the task at hand. What a lie, a lie Joshua nor Caleb bought into.

God’s spirit is moving to and fro upon the earth looking for a people who will raise their hand and say “Put me in Coach, I’m willing!” A people who will not offer one excuse after another, who won’t complain about what they don’t have, but will simply charge ahead not knowing what they will face or how they will accomplish the task, but go on anyway! These are those who overcome, who have the crown of life placed upon their head, and who will stand as pillars in heaven. It remains always a matter of choice!

Which of these two are we? Are we Kingdom pioneers or stay-at-home Christians? Are we willing to raise our hand and say, “I’m willing Lord, put me in!” Choice matters today as never before in life – God will honor your decision either way, but He is calling us today folks: Choose today, life or death, blessing or cursing, but I say unto you ‘choose life.’ Are you sick and tired of accomplishing little, doing nothing of substance with an unfulfilled life? Are you ready to be filled full, to enjoy Tabernacles (the third third) to its fullness? Are you ready to venture beyond the Church Age into the Kingdom Age (appointed time)?The Holy Spirit is calling out today. Raise your hand and say to God, “The comfort zone I’ve chosen for myself is no longer comfortable; the pain of remaining the same is greater than the fear of change – put me in Coach!”

This is rich food – it will make you sick, or enrich your life in unimaginable ways. It is not for the feint of heart (Acts 14:22), but try it, you’ll never ever regret it!

Clay Sikes

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