Washington DC
As we gather together, we will:
  • Pray for our nation with humility and prophetic purpose
  • Pray over the seven mountains shaping culture
  • Engage to become ‘salt and light’ healing agents
  • Address today’s tough issues with Biblical answers
  • Receive strategic vision for our assignments in this new season
November 1-3
Chevy Chase Baptist Church
with Georgian Banov, Patricia King, Leif Hetland, David Wagner, Frank Amedia, and worship with Rick Pino, Catherine Mullins, Fred Cleveland, Jake Hamilton, and Malik Edwards
November 4
Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill
with Michele Bachmann, Lance Wallnau, Paul Marc Goulet, Bishop Harry Jackson, Georgian and Winnie Banov, Charles Stock and special worship with Catherine Mullins
Speaker Schedule
Thursday 11/1
7:00 pm Leif Hetland, worship by Fred Cleveland
Friday 11/2
9:30 am Leif Hetland, worship by Jake Hamilton
2:30 pm Georgian Banov, worship by Malik Edwards
7:00 pm Patricia King, worship by Catherine Mullins
Saturday 11/3
9:30 am Patricia King, worship by The Roar
12 noon Global Celebration Reception, RSVP
2:30 pm Prayer and Declaration for America
7:00 pm David Wagner, worship by Rick Pino
*Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Evenings are Free and Open to the Public. Single-Day Passes will be available at the Door.
Sunday 11/4
Freedom Gala begins at 6:30 pm
Welcome by Georgian & Winnie Banov
Opening Prayer by Charles Stock
Silver Service Dinner
Worship by Catherine Mullins
Exhortation by Rep. Michele Bachmann
Vision by Georgian Banov
Benefaction by Paul Marc Goulet
Keynote Message by Dr. Lance Wallnau
Prayers and Declarations by:
Frank Amedia
Bishop Harry Jackson
Closing by Georgian Banov
Michele Bachmann
Lance Wallnau
Paul Marc Goulet
Harry Jackson, Jr.
Georgian Banov
Winnie Banov
Leif Hetland
Patricia King
Frank Amedia
David Wagner
Fred Cleveland
Rick Pino
Jake Hamilton
Catherine Mullins
Malik Edwards

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