“The Word of God says, ‘Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness…’ (Isaiah 5:20). My prayer is that young mothers will realize the truth and look at other alternatives that do not include murder.” -Franklin Graham

Judy Clair : Oct 30, 2018 : Faith, Family, America

[FaithFamilyAmerica.com] “Shame on these so-called faith leaders who are ‘blessing’ an abortion clinic. Can you believe that? In reality, they are ‘blessing’ murder. They are blessing actions that are against the laws of God,” begins Graham. (Photo: via Faith, Family, America)

“That would be like priests standing outside the gas chambers at Auschwitz and blessing the murder of innocent Jews. Such evil. The Bible is very clear that life begins at conception. Many times the Apostle Paul spoke out against false teachers who uttered lies. And leading people to believe that murdering babies is something God would condone is an outright lie and could ultimately lead them to Hell,” warns Graham, without hesitation…

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