Explosive World Events Changing Life on Earth

By Ron McGatlin

Many people in the world have at some point in their lives experienced a life-altering event that in one day changed their lives forever. Life could never go back to being as it was only hours before. There was absolutely nothing that could make things be as they were before the event. Whether it was a really good thing or a very bad thing, it was done and could not be undone.

There is extreme rapidly changing events taking place in the world today. We could go to bed in one world and awaken the next morning to a world so different that it seems to us to be another world. Our daily routines and provisions can be completely altered in a very short period of time.

These sudden events may have actually been building gradually for a long period of time and yet remained mostly unnoticed by the people that are suddenly affected by them.


God makes provision for His people. Those who have an ear to hear and courage to respond to His voice may be able to foresee and make some preparation. The gift of prophecy is given in part to make known what God is doing and how mankind and people individually can respond. There may be overall general words and responses that pertain to mankind as a whole. At the same time there are varying personal words and responses for nations or groups or families and individuals. This is not always a one size fits all.


God not only directs the words of the prophet, but He also gives His people a spiritual ear to hear that which pertains to us personally. We also have a part in tuning our spiritual ears to hear our part. God speaks in the Bible of people with hardened hearts and closed ears who cannot hear the voice of God for themselves or by the word of the prophet. (Matthew 13:14-15) John 12:40).

Strong conceptions of experiential knowledge can create what the Bible refers to as strongholds in the minds and hearts of people who can block the hearing of the Spirit voice of God. Religious and secular EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE are the most common avenue for strongholds that block the spiritual hearing of the provision of truth and the specific directions of God. (2 Corinthians 20:4).


For centuries, gradually piece by piece, here a little and there a little, spiritual changes in the natural world have been building up in most, if not all facets of life in this world.


There is no longer just here a little and there a little. That which has been progressively slowly growing is now in this season exploding into full manifestation into the world. A biblical term for this is world harvest: harvest of that which is of God and the full fruit or harvest of that which is not of God. (Revelation 14:14-20).


Some believers today are having their world changed by fresh revelation of the kingdom of God. An explosion of fresh revelation of the kingdom of God is quickly changing everything for some people today. The Spirit of God is shining the light of the word of the kingdom into many hearts. Bibles seem to come alive with previously unseen truth that is suddenly seen with clarity. An exciting journey of discovery begins as words that have always been in our Bibles seem to suddenly appear for the first time.

The manifesting of the kingdom began around 2000 years ago and was hidden under religious order for many centuries. The revelation and manifestation of the kingdom of God has, in the past century and especially in recent decades, been accelerating. Cleansing of our old religious landscape occurs as the light of kingdom truth clears the land to be replanted with the new landscape of life in the Spirit.

Living in the Spirit and walking in the Spirit opens the door to the divine source of guidance and empowerment in all matters of life.

Receiving the gospel of the kingdom changes how we think, who we are, and what we do. We become kingdom disciples of Christ on our way to becoming creative kings and priests, ruling and reigning with Christ within us by the Holy Spirit in this life now.

Where there was dry barren land of dusty religious beliefs and practices, a river of cool clear life-giving water flows from the throne of God filling the dry desert places with life. The desert begins to bloom with life, spiritual life, flowing in the river of the Spirit and bringing life everywhere it goes.

The people see that Christ Jesus, Yeshua Messiah, is the one and only way to Father God and His kingdom life ruling and reigning on earth as it is in heaven. They are seeing that His kingdom is the only government that will ever bring the reality of heavenly life to all the earth. The kingdom of God way of life on earth makes everything work together in harmony to fulfill the will and plan of God on Planet Earth.


The true work of the reality of the kingdom of God coming to a head on earth is an all-out affront to the illegal rule of the principality of darkness in this world.

The evil rule of darkness that has been progressively growing is now rising up with an ALL-OUT offensive against the rising kingdom of God and the King Jesus in the maturing Sons of God coming forth on earth. (Revelation 12:10-12).

The progressively deceived generations of people on earth have gradually grown, through religious and secular education and experience, into extraordinary depths of depravity. The demon spirits driving them are WILD with FEAR and HATRED toward Jesus and His kingdom people. (John 15:18:25).

Much of the governance of influence in this world are now controlled by the deceived demonically influenced or driven people. These deceived people sincerely believe that they do the world a favor by viciously striving to discredit and defame or kill and destroy all influence of God, Christ Jesus, and His people in this world. (John 16:1-4).


With man alone this is not possible. However, with God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26) (Mark 9:23).

In eternal reality the change has already been provided. God in His love for this world including mankind has provided all that is needed to completely restore the fallen world to the kingdom of God. Nothing is lacking on God’s part; it is done, finished. (John 3:16-17).

You and I are awakening to the truth of the vision of Spirit victory reality now.


Father God, open our ears to hear and our eyes to see truth of Spirit victory of the new earth and the new heavens around it now.

Help us now, God, to close our eyes to the false matrix of the fallen world of darkness and to open our eyes to the true Spirit reality of the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven. The true work of the redemption of all things in Christ Jesus our Lord, Savior and King. Amen!

Let’s now tune out or turn off the fallen world and all its noise and tune into the Spirit reality of victory of God on earth.

We now close our eyes and ears that we have tuned toward the fallen world and open our eyes and ears to the Spirit victory of Christ Jesus in this world.

Can you see the sudden world-changing events of the fire of God that in an eternal moment on earth dissolving all that man has built that is not of God, all that lifts itself against God? (Isaiah 2).

Evil instantly becoming ashes upon the landscape. Can you see the beauty of holiness coming forth in the purity of the love of God coming forth? Can you see the peace and joy of the glory of God in the people loving one another and caring for one another?

Can you see the media and education speaking forth the truth, love, and character of God in Jesus by the Holy Spirit? Feel the honoring of God in all walks of life. See the families with loving strong fathers and nurturing gentle mothers training eager lively children in the true values of life in God. Hear the voices of the youngsters across the world praising God in a joyous atmosphere of peace and good will from God on earth.

Can you imagine the closing of prisons, army bases, hospitals, law enforcement, mental health facilities, drunkenness, and drug addiction gone forever? Can you imagine the adequate provision of food and all things needed for life for all people on earth because of the vast amount of money and human effort that is no longer required for war, law enforcement, and repairing the wounds and diseases of the broken people?

Can you see the bountiful farms and gardens of the people yielding bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables, forest restoring and the animals and birds prospering? Even the natural storms will lessen and the earth regains its balance in all things over time. Truly the glory of God filling the earth as Jesus Yeshua Messiah rains with us on earth.

This is the kingdom of God that Christ Jesus has redeemed. The worldwide lifestyle of the Garden of Eden as it was before the fall as God has designed it to be. Truly a blessed place that brings great glory to God as His family is one with Him showing forth the glory of His love and majesty to all creation forever.

Only believe, and as you believe, so be it unto you. God is with all in whom Christ fully dwells by the Holy Spirit. God with His people is the New Jerusalem city of the living God, the beautiful Bride of Christ, the family of God on earth as it is in heaven. (Revelation 21:2-11).

God is today changing religious and secular people, including unbelieving Christians, into kingdom believers to receive the fullness of the kingdom. The fullness of the kingdom of God is at hand now and has been for about two thousand years.

Man cannot bring forth the kingdom without God.

God will not bring forth the kingdom on earth without man.

The kingdom of God is coming forth on earth by God in man.

Pursue love. It never fails
and His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin

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