“…I can only imagine how it would’ve went if he wasn’t armed. We might not be here having this interview.” -Markus Washington told WBRC

Carly Hoilman : Oct 29, 2018 : Faithwire.com

[Faithwire.com] An Alabama dad is being hailed a hero after he took down a masked gunman who opened fired in a McDonald’s restaurant over the weekend. (Photo source Fox News/via Faithwire)

The unidentified man was leaving the Birmingham restaurant with his sons Saturday when the suspect entered and began shooting, according to WBRC-TV. Instead of fleeing, the father pulled out his own pistol and returned fire, ultimately preventing the shooter from carrying out his deadly plans. The suspect later died of his injuries, according to WBRC.

Though the father and one of his teenage sons were struck by the attacker’s bullets, countless lives were likely saved as the result of his quick and fearless actions. The two are expected to fully recover from their wounds…

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