Mr. Bolsonaro has pledged to stop the advance of the Culture of Death in Brazil, which has always been a top priority among the globalist elite. This would mean a severe blow to those who have been working for a generation to undermine the roots of the Christian Western Civilization.

Guilherme Ferreira Araújo, Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq. : Oct 29, 2018 :

airlift(Brazil)— [] Today is a new day for Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro has been elected president, putting an end to a generation of leftist rule. Under Bolsonaro, Brazil could go from being a refuge for Latin American Marxists and their corrupt globalist allies to becoming an invaluable ally to President Trump’s vision of a region where governments are motivated by their sovereign interests. Most importantly, Brazil will go from being a promoter of the Culture of Death, to a defender of the Culture of Life. (Photo: Shutterstock/via LifeSiteNews)

Faced with this reality, the worldwide liberal media has attempted to label Mr. Bolsonaro as an extremist. He’s a “racist,” a “sexist,” a “homophobe,” a “misogynist.” He’s a “neo-Nazi” who wants to bring the military dictatorship back! That, more or less, is what Jair Messias Bolsonaro’s opponents are saying about him. But who is he? Some call him the “Brazilian Trump.” But in order to understand who he really represents, we have to understand a little of Brazil’s recent history.

In 1964, Brazil’s Army, answering a legitimate call from the civil society, decided to take over power in order to avoid the communist threat that was before countries all over the West at the time. In the beginning the military assured civil society that they would give the power back to a civilian government as soon as possible, but soon an internal division took shape within the military itself, which resulted in a “coup inside the coup.” In the end, the military stayed in power until 1985, when they made good on their promise and started a process of transition to civil government.

During the years of the military regime, the communists acted in two different fronts: through the guerrillas and through a cultural strategy they learned from Antonio Gramsci, one of the founders of the Italian Communist Party. The aim was to attain what Gramsci called hegemony, i.e., to make the whole population think in a socialist way as a result of their infiltration of the media, the universities, and all major cultural elements of society.

The strategy worked, and after the promulgation of the 1988 Constitution, the seventh in Brazil’s history, leftists controlled all presidential elections, with very few exceptions. The main political rivalries were between the radical leftist PT (Worker’s Party) and the center-left PSDB party (Brazilian Social-Democracy Party).

In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Lula and Fidel Castro founded the Foro de São Paulo (São Paulo Forum), an international organization that gathered the main leftist political parties, organizations, and even terrorist groups like the FARCs from Colombia, with the aim of establishing a Latin American version of the old Soviet Union.

Election after election the members of the FSP gained power in different Latin American countries: Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolívia, Lula in Brazil and so on.

In Brazil nobody really knew about this secretive organization in the mainstream media. It took one man, the philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, to uncover the truth about this corrupt leftist cabal in Brazil and Latin America. Back in 1996 Olavo de Carvalho argued that the leftists were gaining a dangerous stranglehold of power when many people assumed that the fall of the Berlin Wall had brought Communism to an end…

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