Yesterday, I Was Pro-Choice. Today, I’m Pro-Life”: College Student Says She “Finally Understands” after Watching Gosnell Movie – Kathy Zhu was so impacted by the film, she tweeted about it so others would be aware.

[] A woman who previously identified as pro-choice has completely changed her opinion on abortion after watching the recently released movie about the crimes and trial of abortionist and newborn baby murderer, Kermit Gosnell. (Image source: Facebook-Kathy Zhu/via Faithwire)

University of Central Florida student Kathy Zhu tweeted that she was drastically affected by the gritty movie, so much so that she was compelled to speak out about her experience in an effort to encourage others to get to grips with the savagery of late-term abortion.

“Yesterday, I was pro-choice. I believed that women should have a say & the government shouldn’t be interfering w/ our lives,” she wrote to her 50,000 followers. “Today, I’m pro-life. After watching Gosnell & doing in-depth research, I finally understand the horrors of loopholes in late term abortions. Please go watch Gosnell.”

Many social media users praised the student for her honesty and boldness in publicly declaring her latest revelation.

“Glad you changed your opinion,” said one Twitter user. “The horrors of abortion don’t just end with the death of a baby. Many women suffer deep emotional wounds from choosing to kill their child. Thankfully, there is forgiveness from a holy and loving God.”

“God bless you. I hope everyone has the same life-changing reaction as you did,” added another user, as reported by the Daily Wire. Another social media user responded saying that they were “thrilled” to have changed the mind of their adult son “who was pro-choice,” but quickly shifted his view after his mom detailed Gosnell’s horrific crimes…

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