Hey guys,
I know you’ve heard me talk about rejection before, but I know many of you have kids and are walking this thing out and training your kids up in the way they should go.
I never knew Jesus when I was in school. I was the class clown so I got in trouble a lot and made fun of other kids. I know some kids are getting teased and rejected and and if that’s your child you can build them up and affirm them in God’s love for them. You can equip them to bless those who curse them.
Remind them that if God is the One who accepted them, no other person can take that away!
As parents, it’s really easy to get defensive of our kids when someone rejects them and we want to protect them and fight for them, but there’s nothing like giving them Jesus NOW—the REAL Gospel. The reality of who God made them to be and the price He paid because they are SO valuable. Show them how to pray and how to take these “bully” kids to God, asking God what He thinks about them.
I teach my kids if someone says something mean to them, after they walk away, to pray this:

“Father, I’m asking you to forgive them for they know not what they do. God I’m asking you to bless them and overtake them with your blessings, God. They don’t see who they are in you and I’m asking you God to show them YOU! In Jesus’ name!”

EMPOWER them in prayer!

I’m believing with you that your kids will SHINE at their school because they’re burning for Jesus every day! I pray the Gospel be so REAL to them that if they get squeezed, only Jesus comes out! Help raise up a generation of warriors!
I love you guys!
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