“Every single day of my administration, we will stand for law, order, and justice. America’s police officers have earned the everlasting gratitude of our nation. In moments of danger and despair, you are the reason we never lose hope—because there are men and women in uniform who face down evil and stand for all that’s good and just and decent and right. No matter what threat you face, you never give in. You never back down. You are people of tremendous courage and strength. -President Donald J. Trump

News Staff : Oct 9, 2018 : Whitehouse.gov

airlift(Orlando, FL)—[Whitehouse.gov] The following are excerpts from President Trump’s powerful speech to the International Association of Chiefs of Police on October 8: (Screengrab via Fox40-Facebook video)

I’m thrilled to be here in the great state of Florida, with the incredible men and women of law enforcement. On behalf of all Americans, I want to express our eternal gratitude for what you do every single day to protect our families, defend our streets, and take down criminals. And what you do is keep America safe, and nobody does it better than you. Thank you very much.

This year, we proudly celebrate the 125th anniversary of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. It’s a great group.

Today, I stand before you, as the President of the United States, to tell you that my administration will always honor, cherish, and support the men and women in blue. And we are proud to do it. (Applause.)

Working together, we have achieved extraordinary progress in the fight against violent crime. We understand that reducing crime begins with respecting law enforcement.

For too many years, we have watched politicians escalate political attacks on our courageous police officers. And I’ve never seen it more than over the last few years. It’s disgraceful.

Politicians who spread this dangerous anti-police sentiment make life easier for criminals and more dangerous for law-abiding citizens. (Applause.) And they also make it more dangerous for police. And it must stop, and it must stop now.

Before I took office less than two years ago, our nation was experiencing an historic surge in violent crime. In 2015, 2016, an additional 128,000 violent crimes were committed nationwide compared to the two previous years. That’s a tremendous number of additional crime. Over the same period, we witnessed the steepest two-year consecutive increase in murders in nearly half a century.

But we are turning that tide around very rapidly, as you all know in this room. We are taking back our streets from drug lords, gangs, and crimes. We are being tough. We’re being smart. By the end of this year, murders in major cities are estimated to drop by close to 10 percent from their levels in 2016.

And I have directed the Attorney General’s office to immediately go to the great city of Chicago to help straighten out the terrible shooting wave. We want to straighten it out. We want to straighten it out fast. There’s no reason for what’s going on there.

I’ve told them to work with local authorities to try to change the terrible deal the city of Chicago entered into with the ACLU, which ties law enforcement’s hands; and to strongly consider stop-and-frisk. It works, and it was meant for problems like Chicago. It was meant for it. Stop-and-frisk.

And Rudy Giuliani, when he was mayor of New York City, had a very strong program of stop-and-frisk. And it went from an unacceptably dangerous city to one of the safest cities in the country—and, I think, the safest big city in the country. So it works. It’s got to be properly applied, but stop-and-frisk works.

The crime spree is a terrible blight on that city, and we’ll do everything possible to get it done. I know the law enforcement people in Chicago, and I know how good they are. They could solve the problem if they were simply allowed to do their job and do their job properly. And that’s what they want to do. So, Chicago, we’re going to start working with you, as of today. Thank you.

And to help former inmates become law-abiding and productive members of society, we are also working on a prison reform bill—a very, very big and comprehensive one.

And our unemployment numbers in almost every category are at record lows. They are record lows. African American—best in history. Asian American—best in history. Hispanic American—best in history. We are doing incredibly well as an economy.

And that’s a great thing when you talk about people coming out of prison—unable to get a job, totally unable to get a job; it’s a hopeless situation. Now, they’re getting jobs—to a certain extent and to a large extent because we’re doing so well, and employers are forced to take people that they maybe wouldn’t have done.

And some of those employers call me and get back to me. And they say, “Mr. President, it’s amazing how good these people are.” And not all of them—not all of anybody or any category is going to be great. But tremendous response. And these people have been given a second or even, in some cases, a third shot at it. And they’re doing really well.

So the economy being so great, and the jobs picture being so strong—people are getting an opportunity, and they’re doing an incredible job. So I just want to thank everybody in law enforcement. I know you agree with me on this. It’s a great thing.

In order to keep every American safe, we are also making officer safety a top priority. (Applause.) In 2016, an officer was assaulted in America on an average of every 9 minutes. Is this even believable?

Last week, seven officers were shot in Florence, South Carolina—incredible state. One was killed; numerous were really badly injured. Our hearts break for the family of fallen Officer Terrence Carraway. We pray for his loved ones and for the officers who are still recovering. When a police officer is assaulted or killed, it is a wound inflicted upon our entire nation. It is.

We condemn the vilification of law enforcement and law enforcement officers, and we stand proudly with the heroes of ICE, and Border Patrol, and law enforcement in general.

We also strongly oppose efforts from politicians to shackle local police departments and prevent them from cooperating with their federal partners. So let’s see whether or not Chicago—as an example, locally—accepts help. They need it. And we’ll straighten it out fast. We’re going to straighten it out fast.

Every day, these sanctuary city policies force the release of criminal aliens and gang members right back onto our streets, putting innocent civilians at grave risk—many people being killed.

I will fight every day for your right to cooperate with federal law enforcement and to protect your communities as you wish. And I know most of you in this room—I think probably everybody in this room—works brilliantly with our federal authorities. And it’s our honor to do it—including funding, by the way—including funding. Thank you.

Every day, our police officers race into darkened allies and deserted streets, and onto the doorsteps of the most hardened criminals—people you don’t want to be dealing with. And you deal with them well. Incredible. They see the worst of humanity, and they respond with the best of the American spirit.

America’s police officers have earned the everlasting gratitude of our nation. In moments of danger and despair, you are the reason we never lose hope—because there are men and women in uniform who face down evil and stand for all that’s good and just and decent and right.

No matter what threat you face, you never give in. You never back down. You are people of tremendous courage and strength. We appreciate it.

Nothing can break your spirit or bend your will—I’ve seen it over many years—because you are the proud men and women of law enforcement.

We thank you. We salute you. We honor you. And we promise you: We will always have your back. Now and forever, we will have your back.

So it’s my great honor to be with you today, and I thank you and I thank everyone in this incredible room of heroes—the International Association of Chiefs of Police. You have very, very special, very smart, very brave, brave people.

And on behalf of our incredible country—our country that’s getting stronger and bigger and richer and just better—I want to say God bless you, God bless your families, and God bless America. Thank you very much. Great honor. Thank you.

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