Kingdom Organisms Are Forming and Functioning

By Clay Sikes

Arthur Burt, one of God’s true Apostles who died at 102, saw a coming Age many years ago. He said from his vision, “This will be a move without end; a move with no ebb.” In fact, his last written material is captured in his book entitled ‘No Ebb.’ To quote Arthur further, “Past moves of God have risen like the sun, only to die to man’s hand, but this next move will not end. The death of all past moves have seemed to die with man’s attempt to put his stamp on what God is doing.” The Son rising in us desires to see His Kingdom come, His will done on earth as it is in heaven. We yearn, as Daniel saw, to see the Kingdoms of the Most High God replace the kingdoms of men

The organizations of men should never be confused with the organisms of God. These organisms are beginning to emerge as described in the Seven Mountain mandate. We’ve known ‘what and why’ for a while, but now we are learning ‘how.’ What we know for sure is human hands cannot touch what God is doing. We are seeing a full-on demonstration of Christ raising up His Body in power, strength, and purpose; there is nothing natural about what is occurring. The coming together is happening as ‘called’ parts are connecting to the body – to the parts called to connect. Simultaneously, connection ignites purpose and power.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed – there is a price for those called to make this transition from organization to organism. The transition requires more courage than any man has, but not more than God can give. It requires more faith than any man has, but not more than God can give. The price of transition is death! To arise in God’s purpose one must fall to himself; to gain victory, in many cases, defeat must lead. Death is a prerequisite to abundant life. Therefore, setbacks must be viewed as set ups, defeats must be understood in the context of sure victory – death to all within us is key to life beyond us. Problems guard power – indeed, problems guard power. Most who have endured, or currently enduring the death spiral knowing that the outer man dies yet the inner (spirit man) lives. The purpose of life is found in death (to self); hence the coming of organisms individually and corporately – a connecting Body combined in unity and purpose. The power is in unity; strength is in purpose – vision being the ultimate motivator.

What is God doing in these death-defining moments? Where does this journey lead? What is this unending chaos in the earth today? He is preparing, establishing and releasing a new season; an appointed time in spiritual history – the third third, Tabernacles, the Kingdom, the New Jerusalem. He is creating new organisms devoid of human intention, yielded and living from within to fulfill His purpose on earth. The death of individuals has occurred for centuries, yet now something new is alive; the corporate coming together of yielded vessels to labor as a functioning body – first appearing as small cells, then joining together in functioning units in larger specific purpose. Many would call it the Seven Mountain Confluence, as the kingdoms of men will bow to the Kingdom of the Most High God. How? Through the joining together of living organisms, which creates a living entity – an organism planted in a respective sphere of God’s choosing.

When an organism is implanted in a given fertile soil (the most fertile of which is the specific place of your assignment), it (like a seed) grows and becomes and we know not how. Remarkably something happens as these cells grow and connect. The Body of Christ is joining: This is not a joining for the sake of joining, but rather a joining of the parts ‘called’ to be joined. As this joining physically happens growth occurs in a specific space, a space previously occupied by another mass – the expanding organism now rules that space. ‘The Law of Displacement’ places the advancing Kingdom organism (entity) into dimensions previously occupied by something other than the Kingdom. There is ‘life’ in the organism, which displaces the organizations of men.

‘The Law of Displacement’ is predicated upon an advancing Kingdom entity (group of God appointed cells) marching together in God-appointed purpose. This entity does not intentionally line up and oppose the mass it is about to displace – it simply displaces it by powerful superior growth within the sector of the mass. This growth is a momentous force displacing the mass by strength and consumption. Movement by strength comes when a superior force comes to occupy a given territory: Displacement by consumption comes when the mass about to be occupied simply switches sides through shifted allegiance. Superior power and product cause shifted allegiance – the two, strength and consumption, in combination cause exponential growth. This force cannot be resisted when cells are combined in superior strength with singleness of purpose. It never ceases to grow, always forcefully advancing. There is no force of man that can stop the organism of God.

Granted, in order for this to happen, bones must break, hearts changed, lives surrendered as God’s purpose alone is the single strength and driving force of the multi-accelerated, growth,member body. When each with a Kingdom mission see purpose, joins appointed parts, a true function begins – the powerless past connects to the powerful future. God is gathering and connecting His parts to join to His Head for purpose of functioning in specific assignment on earth as it is in heaven. Only violent men can take this assignment by force – men who oppose natural thinking, who know and accept their role as ‘change agents’ in the earth; sent by heaven to play a specific role on earth; men well acquainted with opposition, rejection, fear and failure.

In Biology, an organism is any individual entity that exhibits the properties of life. It is a synonym for life form, capable of reproduction, growth and development, maintenance, and to some degree of response to stimuli. An organism has life, described as a characteristic that distinguishes physical entities that have biological processes, such as signaling and self-sustaining processes from those who do not, either because such functions have ceased (they have died), or because they never had such functions and are inanimate.

God is, this day, establishing organisms that one day will replace the organizations of men. Until now, the retardation of this growth has been somewhat successful as evidenced by a mostly powerless Church and ill-functioning Body, but for all its delays a ‘catch-up’ is being released. Interestingly, there is a form of organism growth called ‘compensatory growth’ known as ‘catch-up’ growth and compensatory gain. This, in a nutshell, is an accelerated growth of an organism following a period of slowed development, particularly as a result of nutrient deprivation. We all have experienced ‘nutrient deprivation’ as we were ill-prepared to grow – we should have grown but didn’t! In fact, we barely survived but vital life was breathed into us as our outer husk (care and concern, worry, doubt, and fear) died; as this outer husk died, life came surging in. We are now staged (poised) for a multi-level comeback, an arising in multi-dimensional aspects. Only an incubation period can birth this spontaneous growth, allowing the organism to suddenly ‘catch-up’ to its capabilities.

Spontaneity of events is a sure sign this organism is beginning its growth trajectory – life abounds in all sectors. When the organism begins to grow it begins to displace existing structures – it occupies space traditionally held by others, moving into that space with certainty, power, and the AUTHORITY to be there. Nothing can displace its position.

Stem cells (individuals called to birth an organism) have a vital part to play in the growth of organisms – their development and health is vital to the development and heath of the organism: They produce fruit that looks like them. God plants these stem cells in various fertile gardens (mountains) of His choosing, first withstanding the forces of hell to even live. Seemingly on death’s door, the last of self’s strength is crushed. Now, in the power and strength of the Creator, real life begins as the seed is now able to reproduce proper fruit. ‘Catch-up’ growth cannot begin UNTIL the stem cell is properly equipped to reproduce fruit that looks like it.

Those tried and true stem cells are reproducing – the cells are growing, and soon the evidence will invade the planet – God’s Kingdom will come, His will be done on earth. Amen!

Clay Sikes

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