Maybe it was a diaper that did it. (We had a toddler.) All I know is, there I was, covered in sewage from our septic system as it overflowed into my Rhode Island basement…flooding my makeshift office, and most importantly, seeping through a file cabinet where I safeguarded my prophetic words! It was unreal, my meticulously documented prophetic archives COVERED in, well, poop.

My precious prophecies!

As clean up commenced, I stood there trying to save my prophetic words, washing them one-by-one and blow-drying them as the ink ran down the pages. It was then that I heard the Lord say four words that changed my life: “Fruit in its season.”

I looked it up in the Bible and found it in Psalm 1:3. It says you are called to bring forth “fruit in its season.” I was out of sync with the season. The time for former prophetic words had passed and new words were TRYING TO COME but I was resisting. I was clinging to words from decades ago, thinking they all had to be fulfilled before I could move into the next season.

What happened? At 50 years of age, I packed up, turned the church over to someone else and my wife and I moved with 3 kids over 1500 miles away with no guaranteed income—and my ministry exploded in growth!

Hear me when I say…I’ve been prophesying about God intervening in America’s unravelling and predicted Donald Trump. I cannot yet tell how long this moment will last. Is it a window or a door? What I do know is the word for you is NOW! You need to know what fruit is yours—IN THIS SEASON. It’s time for a “New WORD” for your “NOW Season!” AND WE HAVE NEVER SEEN A SEASON LIKE THIS!

God wants you to update, RE-CALIBRATE and SYNC your personal vision with what is happening NOW! Re-calibrating means making small, specific yet powerful adjustments that put you in alignment with a signal or someone or some reality you cannot afford to miss. Fail to do this and you disconnect—like a spaceship that misses its window in orbit! It’s TIME FOR YOU TO MAKE THOSE KEY ADJUSTMENTS and orbit into the next level of God’s plan.

You need a 2018 update. There is something DIFFERENT ABOUT THIS HOUR! It’s a global thing. MOST Believers are still running on the prophetic calendar from 3 years ago. Something huge has shifted in the earth, and many shakings are attached to this new thing.
You need an updated encounter with who God is as He engages nations and economic systems in this decade. They thought the Messiah would come as a lion and He came as a lamb. Today we are looking for the lamb and He is roaring like a lion!

Listen, EVERYONE (singles, couples, working parents, the young and restless or wise and retired) you all need to learn the power of “recalibration” because it gives you access to fruit in this season. FRUIT has different forms. There is fruit in new business and FINANCE and new fruit in MINISTRY. But there is also FRUIT in relationships, marriages and FAMILIES.

Time and time again, I have seen the painful consequences of what happens when people don’t calibrate in time with each other:

Children grow up and become adults. If parents do not re-calibrate with their children they become teenagers who drift apart and all too soon leave home. As one guy told me, “If you’re not on the list of the top four friends your child contacts when they have a real struggle or a great update, you’ve lost them. You have to re-calibrate.”
Couples change. Ever notice the number of divorces that occur at the time when the last child leaves? Why? The couple both changed while they were raising the child but never recalibrated around who they became as individuals. They drifted apart and never reconnected around who they were now. They needed to re-calibrate not separate.

THE SAME DRIFT CAN HAPPEN WITH YOUR DESTINY and with God. You can drift away from God and not know it until a crisis hits.

Let me help you re-calibrate with a new season of destiny. It is time for a 2018 Dream Update. Let’s bridge the gap between dream and reality. Never settle for less—if your heart cries out for more.

If you had total laser-like clarity on who you really are and what you’re called to do you would be unstoppable. The question is—are you running with a fresh commission or an expired passport?

If you are hitting obstacles or setbacks to your vision—I want to help you.
If you’re 55 and older, know this—you’re not too old! In fact, the technical word for destiny is “convergence,” when your gifts, talents and acquired skills all come together. Most people hit convergence after 50 to 60 years of age. What’s great about being older is you don’t care what people think.
If you are young—I want to teach you how to master these ideas early so you can reach the top of your game faster!

I want to help you get POWERFULLY CLEAR ABOUT YOUR PROPHETIC VISION and the next steps you need to take to go THROUGH THE DOOR. I simply don’t know how long this will be open but it’s a door of INCREASE, EXPANSION and IMPACT!

THAT’S WHAT THE 2018 WASHINGTON DC DREAM TRIP IS ALL ABOUT! An updated assignment, impartation and tools to get laser-like focus on your assignment and inheritance.

Find your place of ultimate flourishing. Locate your harvest, expand your field and occupy your territory in the new reality of 2018. Get this right and you put an end to the fatigue and burden of financial and emotional insufficiency.
Find and refine your Unique Methodology. Your Slingshot Strategy. You do something nobody else does just like you. Let’s identify it or partner you up with the person who completes your puzzle.
Discover the 4 stages to MASTERY in your calling.
Receive from MENTORS who sat where you are sitting
Take hold of the MODELS we’ve identified that work! Learn what others are using successfully.
Learn how to position yourself to MANIFEST the future that WANTS to show up! We will show you how.

And So Much More…

So often it’s just one key distinction, one insight, one adjustment from a pro that changes everything. A brilliant teacher named Jim Rohn once said: “Success in any area comes down to just half a dozen things.” That’s true. Success leaves clues. There are known keys for prosperity, emotional fulfilment, happy intimate marriages, deep friendships, vibrant health, attractive looks, stress-free finances, and a rich, profound spiritual life pregnant with God’s presence and power, walking in rhythm with His purpose.

The Prophet said: “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Not lack of zeal, sincerity or even anointing. What’s the one factor that matters most? KNOWLEDGE! There’s a “knowledge of the glory of the Lord” that will cover the earth one day. Let’s step together into that “glory” in August right in the nation’s Capitol and ask for the key of knowledge that you need.

For YOU, the most important “knowledge” that you need is the knowledge of the updated prophetic calling that is on your life! Then we’re going to look at the strategy to make that happen.

This DC Dream Trip is the trip of a lifetime… Don’t miss out join us on the livestream!

“As One!”
Lance Wallnau
Lance Learning Group

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