(Ron’s Commentary: I sincerely believe this to be one of the most important events this fall. I heartily recommend reading this and participation as God leads.  It will require early action to secure lodging. Pray and obey. – Ron)

Based on the Holy Spirit’s leading, which included several dreams and prophesies, I hosted “The Turnaround” conference in February. It was historic, with numerous attendees echoing that opinion. We followed this with “Forward” in June, our second Appeal To Heaven conference of the year, where Holy Spirit took us to new realms of revelation and brought forth strategy for the new era we have entered. Many said this gathering exceeded “The Turnaround.” The teaching and strategy released was profound.

If there were ever a season, however, that demanded continuous forward movement for the ekklesia, we are in it. As with Joshua’s generation, we have crossed into our inheritance. But also, as it was with Joshua and Israel, giants are waiting to oppose us. Though defeated legally through the cross, Satan and his forces still fight. We, the church must enforce the victory of Calvary. Therefore, we are convening the ekklesia once again October 11-13 in Chattanooga, TN, to begin a new phase of conquering and displacing America’s giants. Holy Spirit spoke of this season several years ago in a dream, using a boxing analogy to reveal the insights we would need to knock out these giants. (The dream and full revelation regarding this can be found in my two small books, An Appeal To Heaven and Giants Will Fall.)

This October we step into the ring.

I’m calling for spiritual “Calebs” – giant killers – to join me for this monumental gathering. Chattanooga has been strategically chosen. There is a redemptive gift of racial harmony and life on this city. It is where the late Billy Graham made his historic stand against racism 65 years ago, refusing to allow segregation in his crusade. It also has an established strength regarding victory over abortion, being one of the largest cities in America without an abortion clinic – and has been so for 25 years. The National Memorial for the Unborn – formerly an abortion clinic! – also sits in this city. This former abortion clinic also houses a crisis pregnancy center! The Lord led us to this city, saying it’s time to go after the giants. We then discovered the rich godly heritage here. We did not choose this city at random. I believe this is the place to start knocking out the Goliaths that dare oppose the Living God. We will agree with and tap into the past victories won in this city, believing for the power such synergistic agreement produces.

Don’t allow complacency to sideline you while history is being written; step into the fray. I’m asking Holy Spirit to send me 2000 warriors who’ll join me as we dethrone Goliaths and retake our inheritance.

For those of you who do so, remember also that October is the most beautiful time of the year in Tennessee, and Chattanooga is one of the most beautiful parts of the state. My friendly advice would be to add a few days before or after the conference in order to vacation and enjoy this amazing part of the country with its unrivaled Fall beauty. Also, hotel rooms are so hard to come by during this fall season that area hotels will only reserve our block of rooms for this conference up until one month before it begins. Therefore, book your rooms soon. Early registration is only $25 and is available until August 10. All ticket and hotel information is available on our registration page.

I’ll see you in Chattanooga, October 11-13, 2018, for what is sure to be an incredible time of prophetic instruction, worship and intercession. We’ve contended for this moment.  It’s time to step into the ring. It’s time to take our place in the storyline.

Giants. Will. Fall.

Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets Ministries 

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