“I hope you can give blood, because someone giving blood is what saved my life.” -Pastor Robert Morris

Emily Jones : Jul 13, 2018 : CBN News

EDITOR’S NOTE: I try to donate blood in my community at least several times a year, if not more regularly. It’s not only a healthy thing to do for your body, it’s helping to save up to 3 lives each time, and a wonderful way to thank the Lord for good health. The Red Cross now has a blood donation app that makes it very easy to sign up and read required materials before your appointment. I urge everyone who is eligible to give it a try! -Aimee Herd, BCN

airlift(Southlake, TX)—[CBN News] The members of Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas are saving thousands of lives one person at a time. (Photo: Gateway Church blood drive/via CBN News)

The church launched a massive blood donor campaign at each of its six campuses. According to Carter BloodCare more than 1,500 people lined up to give blood, saving at least 4,600 lives.

“This consistency and over six weeks’ time is remarkable,” Carter BloodCare’s Lisa Goelzer told Fox 4.”We have been able to help some other community blood centers when we’re usually at the point of asking others.”

The campaign began shortly after Gateway Senior Pastor Robert Morris nearly died in April from rampant internal bleeding.

Morris underwent surgery to repair a hernia on April 2nd. During his recovery, he suffered near-fatal abdominal bleeding caused by tears in three separate blood vessels, which required additional surgeries.

During that time, the mega church pastor lost about half the blood in his body. His wife Debbie took to social media asking for urgent prayer for her husband. Nearly 300,000 people from 48 countries reportedly lifted up Morris in prayer.

Many people in his congregation also donated blood on his behalf, ultimately helping save his life and thousands of others.

Morris returned to the pulpit in good health in June. Soon after, he announced his plan for the blood drive.

“I hope you can give blood, because someone giving blood is what saved my life,” he said in a post on social media.

After seeing the success of the campaign, Morris took to Twitter to express his gratitude and excitement.

“I am blown away by the love and generosity of our @GatewayPeople family! I am so proud of you for giving blood to save lives. @CarterBloodCare had hoped for 300 people to give blood, and more than 1500 people gave! Wow!” he said.

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