At the end of the operation, after the final rescue, screaming erupted “because the main pumps failed and the water started rising.”

Will Maule : Jul 12, 2018 :

(Thailand)— [] Some absolutely heart-thumping footage has been released of the Thai cave rescue effort showing expert divers leading the young soccer players to safety through narrow underwater tunnels. (Screengrab: via Thai Navy SEAL/Daily Mail)

The stunning video shows the boys being carried on stretchers in the sections of the cave that remained above the water. When underwater, the boys were pulled along by the expert Navy SEAL divers in an extraordinary show of skill and military precision. Other sections of the footage show divers preparing to plunge into murky and muddy waters which they likened to consistency and appearance of “cold coffee.”

In line with the appearance of the boys in the video, it has also been revealed that the youngsters were dosed up with an anti-anxiety drug in order to keep them calm during their harrowing journey through the watery labyrinth.

The Thai Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-Cha, confirmed that they had been given anxiolytic “to make them not excited, not stressed,” according to the Daily Mail. One British diver added: “I was told the boys were given a dose of ketamine [a horse tranquilizer often used as a recreational drug] to keep them calm.”

There were even suggestions from some of the dive team that the boys were completely unconscious when they were ushered through the terrifyingly claustrophobic underwater tunnels, but Prayut quickly denied this: “All of the children were conscious during the operation”…

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