Biblical Gate Related to the 12 Tribes of Israel Discovered in Bethsaida Bethsaida is where Jesus healed a blind man and fed the 5,000. It also is where Andrew, Peter and Philip were from. Michael Foust :

Jul 10, 2018 : 

(Photo: Archaeologists sifting for artifacts at Biblical city of Zer/Credit: Hanan Shapir/via Jerusalem Post)(Israel)— []

Archaeologists in Israel say they’ve uncovered the entrance gate to Zer, a Biblical city from the Old Testament they say was later known as Bethsaida in the New Testament.

The find in the Golan Heights area was made in the past two weeks and was announced Sunday by the Golan Regional Council, according to The Jerusalem Post. Zer is mentioned in Joshua 19:35 as one of the fortified cities for the people of Naphtali, one of the 12 tribes of Israel. The verse reads: “The fortified cities are Ziddim, Zer, Hammath, Rakkath, Chinnereth…”

Archaeologists say Zer was known as Bethsaida in the…

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