After wandering different parts of the earth for 1900 years, the Jews finally settled in the land of Israel and proclaimed the State of Israel on May 14, 1948. It was truly a miracle and the tangible evidence that God is alive and His word, the Bible, is true. This year the Israelites are celebrate the 70th anniversary of the independence of Israel.

2018 has significant meaning for the State of Israel.

News Release from Manmin Central Church

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ISRAEL (ANS – June 14, 2018) — On the occasion of 70th anniversary, so many people from many countries visited and celebrated the significant day together. One of the delegations was from Manmin Central Church in Seoul, Korea. The first event for Manmin delegation was the International Music Festival host by the Crystal Forum at International Convention Center in Haifa, the 3rd largest city in Israel.

Johnny Kim delivers message smallerThis year, the Crystal Forum cooperated with HHC (Helping Hand Coalition) Global Forum to celebrate it together with lots of Holocaust survivors. 1,300 participants from various countries including South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, USA, Kazakhstan, Latvia etc. packed the venue on May 12th.

The leadership of Israel, including Hon. Tali Ploskov, the Deputy Speaker of Knesset showed their interest in this event by greeting the participants through video message and Yulia Shtraim, Deputy Mayor of Haifa City welcomed the audience and appreciated the performance teams on the stage.

After opening remarks by the host, Johnny Kim, Executive Director of GCN gave a short congratulatory message and introduced Manmin performance team.

He said, “We, Manmin Church, love you and Israel so much because of God and His word first, secondly because of Jesus Christ and what He has done for us.”

He went on to say, “Two million members of the Manmin family around the world and Dr. Jaerock Lee, senior pastor, have expressed our love toward Israel by sending a delegation to celebrate the anniversary together with you.”

Audience at ICC in Haifa smallerDr. Jaerock Lee visited the Holy Land some 12 times from 2007 to 2009 and conducted a Multi-Cultural Festival at International Convention Center. Since that time, he sent delegations to visit the Holy Land regularly and share the love of Jesus Christ.

The fan dance by Power Worship Team fascinated the audience and the songs by Rose Han touched the participants in the convention center. A wide variety of performers including Joshua Aaron, known as the most famous Israeli gospel singer, also performed and praised the Lord.

Meanwhile the Festival was broadcast live to 170 countries via satellite through channels including GCN, countries via satellite through channels including GCN, TBN Russia, CNL, InVictory, CMTN etc. After the performance, lots of testimonies from different countries like Russia, Ukraine and Moldova etc. arrived.

The Manmin Performance Team was invited to perform various events to celebrate the 70th anniversary hosted by March of Life and HHC Global Forum on May 13 and 14 at International Convention Center in Jerusalem.

President of IsraelOn May 15th people filled a street of Jerusalem participating in March of Nations parade and in the Festival of Gala in the evening at Sultan Pool special stage. After video message by President Reuben Livlin of Israel, Ayoob Kara, Minister of Communication, welcomed the participants on the stage.

The Power Worship Team performed a fan dance in Korean traditional way according to the praise. The venue turned suddenly into angelic celestial atmosphere and the audience was deeply touched and moved by the performance.

It was broadcast live through channels including GOD TV and German television. Dr. Adre Gasiorowski, the chairman of HHC Global Forum, gave thanks to Dr. Jaerock Lee for his prayer and love toward Israel specifically for sending the delegation to celebrate the anniversary together.

Meanwhile, Johnny Kim was invited to the ceremony of “The Day of Jerusalem” on May 13 together with President Reuben Livlin, Prime minister Benjamin President Reuben Livlin, Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mayor Neil Barkat of Jerusalem. He also attended an international conference on “Education for Peace” at Knesset on May 15.

Finally, the Manmin delegation visited King of Glory congregation on May 18th (Sat.) to worship celebrating Shavuot (Feat of Harvest, Pentecost) together. After a graceful performance by Power Worship Team with Rose Han, the gospel singer, Johnny Kim delivered a message to commemorate the day of Pentecost, specifically the works of the Holy Spirit. The service was broadcast live via internet channel CMTN.

Photo captions: 1) Johnny Kim delivers a congratulatory message. 2) Audience at ICC Haifa including Yulia Shtraim. 3) Video Message from Reuben Livlin, the President of Israel.

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