56 lawmakers Demand Planned Parenthood Be Investigated for Covering-Up Child Sex-Abuse “It seems that Planned Parenthood … has broken the law. There should be a full investigation into whether or not Planned Parenthood willfully turned over child victims of abuse back to their abuser, and if necessary, criminal prosecution.” -Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC)

(Washington DC)—[LifeSiteNews.com] Members of Congress gathered outside the U.S. Capitol today to call attention to an important investigative report and video series exposing Planned Parenthood’s repeated failure to notify law enforcement of suspected human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women and girls. (Photo: Live Action-Twitter/via LifeSiteNews)

Planned Parenthood has a decades-long history of covering up crimes against minors which has gone largely ignored. Live Action has released its report and video series seeking to blow the lid off Planned Parenthood’s unchecked, ongoing criminal behavior victimizing young girls who are already victims of sexual assaults.

“Abuse cover-up is systemic to the abortion industry,” said Lila Rose, founder of Live Action which produced the investigative report and video series.

“What these abusers do—what sexual traffickers do—to their victims is take them or threaten to send them by force to an abortion facility, which can become a key place for that abuse to be covered up,” said Rose. “And Planned Parenthood, instead of reporting the abuse as they’re mandated to do in virtually all fifty states by law—instead of reporting abuse, instead of being that person who can encounter a girl in a situation of extreme distress and be that moment of intervention for her—does a secret abortion, has a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell policy,’ and sends this vulnerable young girl back into the arms of sex abusers.”

“Abortion is not family planning; It is family destruction,” said Rep. Diane Black (R-TN).

“The lies that are coming from the Big Abortion Industry are just heartbreaking,” Black continued. “Live Action’s findings show us that these same lies are used to willfully neglect reporting these horrific cases of abuse, rape, and sex trafficking.

Sometimes these young teenage girls plead with Planned Parenthood staff to them help them escape their abusers, but their pleas go unheeded.

“It’s come to light that Planned Parenthood performs abortions on girls as young as 12 years old, and then sends them right back into the arms of their abusers without alerting the authorities,” noted Black. “It is shameful.”

“Planned Parenthood’s failure to report these heinous crimes does not empower women or our children; It empowers their abusers,” said the Congresswoman. “The despicable cycle of these facilities, turning a blind eye to sexual abuse and exploitation of our children must end”…

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