There is currently an ongoing petition by World Likud, a global extension of the Likud political party in Israel, and the French Zionist organization, Israel is Forever, requesting the right to fly the Israeli flag on the Temple Mount.

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz : Apr 13, 2018 :

(Israel)— [] The last time the Israeli flag flew on the Temple Mount was for a very brief time after the IDF conquered the site in the 1967 Six Day War, but on Wednesday, a group of Chinese Christian tourists posed with a flag on the steps leading up to the Dome of the Rock. (Photo: Chinese Tourists on Temple Mount with Israeli Flag/Facebook-Stand With Us/via BIN)

On Wednesday, Stand With Us, a non-profit pro-Israel education and advocacy organization based in Los Angeles posted the photo on their Facebook page, saying:

Yosef Rabin writes, “An Israeli Flag has not flown on the Temple Mount since the 1967 War. Today Chinese tourists brought an Israeli Flag up to the Temple Mount. I am not sure how they got the flag past security and how the Waqf [Jordanian Islamic security that controls the Temple Mount] or police did not notice, but this sets a massive precedent—I hope.

In the meantime, A BIG THUMBS UP FOR THE CHINESE!!!”…

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