Video 13 – The Antique Car Prophetic Dream – Ronald D McGatlin

March 22, 2018

Yesterday after I had finished the Digest Publication for this week, I realized that I had nothing in my heart for a video to go along with it. I took some time in prayer in my favorite quite place and still had nothing.

Since God had begun recently speaking to me in dreams I surmised that he may give me something in a dream, and come into agreement for that to come to pass.

On many occasions as a younger mature man I experienced many profound visions and some extreme encounters with God. Only in the recent decades has it become much more dreams than visions. I surmise it is really true that His young men see visions and old men see dreams.

I awoke this morning after an exciting prophetic dream about an old early 1900s antique car. This dream is about a very exciting super powerful intercession type ministry hidden in plain sight that is releasing great change in specific geographic areas of communities, towns and cities. Especially in, but not limited to, areas with notable tourist activities.

The Antique Car Prophetic Dream

Ronald D McGatlin

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