A Flash Flood Warning in the Spirit

I hear in the spirit the sounds of a flash flood warning. The trumpets of Heaven are blaring, announcing the suddenly of the Spirit. Their message is loud and clear:

Get ready! Get ready! You are about to be overtaken by a mighty flood. The water table of the river of God is rising at an accelerated pace. The waters are past flood stage and are now beginning to break loose from the banks and dams that man has built to contain it. The force of the waters of God are unstoppable. You are about to be swept over by wave after wave of His glory. What God has decreed, no man, no enemy can stop!”

What Was Once Dead is Now Fully Alive

I saw a picture of a barren wasteland, the ground was cracked, parched and dry, and there were dead tree stumps in a clearing. It looked to be a former orchard. I watched as water all of a sudden sprung up from underground and pushed through the cracks, softening the hardened ground. As the water hit the stumps they were immediately revived and full of life. The roots of the trees that were once shriveled became strong and fortified. All of a sudden fruit exploded on the branches, similar to how popcorn pops. What was not, now was. What was dead, now was fully alive and instantly bearing fruit.

“Where there has been barrenness, I have decreed fruitfulness. This will be a sign and a wonder. Wherever My waters spring up, My ‘suddenlies’ will spring up. Fruitfulness will be My people’s portion. Not just a single fruit but a multiplication of fruit. What wasn’t, will now be.

“I am reviving whole lands and orchards. I am awakening and bringing the suddenly of My living waters to dry and parched lands, to the desolate places and shriveled hearts. Taste and see. Know and experience the sweeping of My glory through the land. Watch as the force of My river breaks through the false mountains of worship, crashes over the false beach heads and man-made barriers of thinking. I am coming as a mighty flood and nothing will stand against Me.”

Fruitfulness is Upon You

“Prepare, get ready, for fruitfulness is upon you! Get ready for Kingdom economic growth. At the same time of external harvest, I have appointed a time of internal harvest, where your heart becomes healthy, full of life, full of Me, bearing Kingdom fruit; the fruit of the Spirit.

“Make room for new types of trees in your orchards. Make room for new ways to grow and new ideas. Make room for the fullness of My Holy Spirit operating inside you. Get ready, prepare your heart, for the waters will bring forth a hundred-fold harvest. No one can conceive or think of what is about to happen.

“I am the Lord God Almighty. In Me there is no turning of shadow. I do not change like the times and seasons, but the times and seasons are subject to Me and I can change this one and that one, by only speaking a word. My decrees are true and righteous and I say that NOW is the time of fruitfulness! Suddenlies are upon you. My suddenlies have now been released!”

In Jesus’ name, I prophesy that what was not, now is! What was barren will now be fruitful. What was once dead, will now become fully alive and fortified. I prophesy and announce the word of the Lord:

“Get ready, Get ready! For the mighty flood is upon you!”

Lord, let our hearts be ready. Give us the hunger and the discipline to seek You first in everything, that we might get our hearts prepared for Your suddenly. Teach us Your ways. Saturate our hearts in Your love so that the soil will be ready for fruitfulness! Thank You Jesus for Your acceleration and multiplication. Give us faith and eyes to see what You are saying! Let it be unto us according to Your Word! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Daneen Bottler
Ty and Daneen Bottler Ministries
Email: info@tyanddaneenbottler.com
Website: www.tyanddaneenbottler.com

Daneen Bottler is a recognized prophetic voice for this generation. She and her husband, Ty, serve as the Senior Associate Leaders at Father’s House, in Portland, Oregon, where she also oversees the prophetic and prayer ministries. Her passion is to see the glory of God displayed through His sons and daughters walking in their God given power and authority, seeing transformation happen everywhere they go. She and her husband recently released the worship album, Revealed, which is a prophetic call for the Church to rise and shine with the glory of God. Daneen has had the privilege of speaking and ministering at various churches and conferences throughout the Northwest, lending her prophetic voice to bringing unity within the Body of Christ, and seeing His Kingdom come.


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