Fresh Bread

By Amanda Leonard

About five years ago, I had a vision of a loaf of bread. It was so random, so I just held it in my heart. The Lord speaks to me in this way a lot. It was a week before going to a Heidi Baker conference. I remember laying prostrate on the floor in His presence. Heidi was speaking on Jesus being fresh bread and how we’ve settled for moldy crumbs that have fallen off the Kings table, not realizing you have a seat at the table and can eat fresh bread.

As I laid on the floor, the vision appeared before me again. I saw the loaf of fresh bread and I saw the enormous hand of God Come down like a knife and cut it into slices and He threw the bread and I heard Him say, “To the nations!!! To the nations!!! To the nations!!!!”

I knew in that moment, we (Papa and I) would bring fresh bread to the nations. I didn’t know how this would happen. He showed me that part of it was through writing on my blog but I felt there was more. I wasn’t one who always wanted to go on missions. Some people know it for years and it’s a deep desire in their bones, not me. I honestly didn’t ever think about going out of my comfort zone, to another country, where you can’t drink the water and people live with dirt floors. I loved them from a distance and that was good with me.

Then the Lord began giving me dreams, for months in my sleep I was in other countries. I would see seas of colored people and me just loving on them. His desire was becoming my desire. I knew I would go. He was preparing my heart.

So going on this trip was like watching my vision unfold before my eyes. Not only did we give them physical bread but also spiritual bread that will not go moldy. We gave them Jesus. He was the fresh bread “to the nations!”

As I watched these kids consume this bread, I pictured them eating of Jesus. I pictured them getting revelations of Jesus with each bite they took, that He would be their daily bread. I saw them understanding that they were partakers of His divine nature. Each bite melted in their mouth and they tasted and seen that He is good.

Amanda Leonard

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