Over the past few weeks I have released some prophetic words on the attack that is coming against many right now regarding their vision, the war over revelation, increase and the secret place. The enemy is working hard to distract the people of God right now.
As I sat with the Lord yesterday I felt very strongly that the enemy is coming against the TIME of many believers. I had this strong sense that the enemy is coming and he is stealing ‘time’ from many through distraction and circumstances. Many are finding “one thing after another” that is keeping them busy and keeping them away from the vision.
I sensed many were coming to the end of days and feeling discouraged that another day went by without accomplishing that which the Lord has put before them in this season. I felt many were discouraged that this battle has been raging so intensely. The battle is raging so intensely to steal your time because there is a significant move of the Spirit of God that is going to happen in what the Lord is asking you to accomplish that is going to bring forth great fruitfulness, increase, favour, blessing and breakthrough.
I felt the Lord wanted me to release this prophetic word to not only uncover the strategy of the enemy but also to comfort hearts because I felt many have been in that place of teetering on condemning themselves. “I must be doing something wrong. No matter how much I prioritise this, I just can’t get it done. It’s just not happening. I’m doing something wrong”. If that’s you, I want to break that lie off you right now in the name of Jesus.
There is an attack against the vision God has given you and what He is calling you to and the enemy is attempting to steal your time from stewarding what the Lord is asking you to build in this season.
I felt the Lord say for those of you who have been feeling this attack, to take heart, for breakthrough is upon you. The Lord is about to restore and accelerate what has been stolen in the enemy attempting to steal your time. The Lord showed me such a strong wind of His Spirit that is coming and will blow upon the new land God has given you to build and toil, and you will see MORE DONE in 1 hour in the natural than could be done. There is a SUPERNATURAL EMPOWERMENT of the Spirit of God being released into your life, where the power of God is going to accelerate the work of your hands, and there will be great accomplishments in shorter periods of time.
The Lord showed me where there has been relentless opposition and attack from the enemy attempting to steal your time and keep you distracted, now your mouth shall not be full of discouragement of how this has been happening, but your mouth shall be FULL OF PRAISE to Jesus for the MIRACLES that are going to happen in supernatural acceleration. God is about to do through you in 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, what could not possibly be done in the natural in that period of time. God is about to show Himself SO STRONG as you continue to stand.
I asked the Lord for strategy on moving forward and standing against this attack, and I felt the Lord say “KEEP YOUR HAND TO THE PLOUGH AND THE VISION IN YOUR MOUTH.”
In the midst of the battle, intentionally do ONE THING per day, whether it’s write down one sentence, make one decree, even if you find you’re not accomplishing anything, STAY ENGAGED WITH THE VISION, KEEP YOUR HAND TO THE PLOUGH. Do whatever you have to do every day, no matter how small, to keep ENGAGED with the vision. Even as you lay in bed at night, if again, you have faced a day of feeling like you’re losing time, meditate upon the vision.
Keep the vision in your mouth. Talk about the vision. Tell others about the vision. Come against what the enemy is attempting to do by stealing time and causing great distraction, dream about the vision, talk about it out loud, remind yourself of it.
The enemy in this attempt to hinder and steal time, he wants you to abort the vision and give up on the vision. Now is the time to stand and fight for the vision and know that the Lord is fighting for you. There is great breakthrough and provision coming. You are going to be left in awe of wonder of the fruit, the harvest, the growth, the increase, the multiplication, the extension of land, and birthing that is going to take place in this new land you are occupying and the vision He has given you. You will soon see by the fruit, why the enemy has been so vicious in his attack against this vision.
The Lord showed me in this battle that many are facing recently that is wearying many of fighting regarding the vision God has given them, I saw in the weariness many were starting to feel like they cannot ‘dream’ in the vision. So tired, and feeling this onslaught, it’s hindering the ability to dream with Him within the vision.
The Lord showed me a room in a vision that was labelled “REACTIVATION OF DREAMING”. Jesus was bringing people one by one into this room and in encounters, as God’s people focused on Jesus, they looked into His eyes and began to see the dreams that He had for the vision. Eyes locked with Jesus, there was a supernatural exchange taking place where the VISION OF JESUS, the blueprints of heaven, seeing as He sees, were reactivating dreaming within the vision, within the hearts of His people as the weariness and attacks were breaking off and not only were hearts full of hope, joy and vision again, but they were seeing as HE sees in the vision FURTHER than they have seen before.