It is as a room full of close relatives ‘awaken’ to find an enormous and joyous tasks awaiting them. It is what they have been waiting for their entire life – life on earth linked to heaven’s purpose. Joy fills hearts as, for the first time, they recognize themselves and each other in a whole new realm on earth – His appointed sphere of time, individual appointment and purpose in the marketplace.

The ‘awakening’ taking place is a worldwide ‘people’ coming to realize being ‘chosen’ to make the Kingdoms of this world obsolete; they are, in fact, discovering they have been chosen to create Kingdom entities upon the earth that will displace (replace) the systems of men. They have learned they are appointed and anointed to co-labor with Christ to build as He says ‘build’ in appointed spheres. It is the primary job of every individual ‘to rest’ in this assignment – to not get ahead or behind, but be lead of Christ, not pull Him along. In a perfect state, just go along for the ride; He will take care of everything. When ‘things’ start coming, and they will, sit quietly and patiently as a weaned child before touching those ‘things,’ as flesh cannot touch this exciting move.


When the focus is upon building a temple in which He can dwell, on bringing about God’s will into the earth, resources and skilled craftsman will ‘come.’ Should the focus revert to ‘making money,’ the mission will be aborted as this is NOT about money. Focus entirely upon obeying God. He will spare no expense to work through you to establish His habitation in His people on the earth. Though opposition will be heavy, He promises to contend with those who contend with you.

Rest, His rest, is the key to accomplishing this mission. Don’t get busy (this is a trick to distract). A resetting of Divine Order has been released into the earth for this work begin. This is not a work of productivity, but rather a creative effort. Creativity spawns energy, while productive efforts require it. Physical and mental fatigue will signal wrong direction and motive. Energy and life will affirm the correct path.

Clay Sikes

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