When asked how Donald treated her during their 16-year marriage, she replied, “He treated me fantastic, I never had a problem, he was always polite…

Aimee Herd : Jan 18, 2018 : Good Morning Britain/YouTube

Have you ever heard someone say, if you want to know someone, talk to their ex? (Screengrab via Good Morning Britain)

Well, recently Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, hosts of Good Morning Britain, interviewed Ivana Trump regarding the President.

Morgan asked Ivana if it was surprising to her that he is now the President.

“I really knew when he said he was going to run,” she answered, “when Donald sets his mind on something, he’s going to do it…”

“Is he enjoying being President?” Morgan asked.

“I think he loves to deal and wheel (sic), he likes to make the decisions, he likes to read the contracts; he runs the country as a business, and this is how it should be run.”

Piers Morgan noted the recent accusations that Trump is a racist. “I’ve known him a long time, and in all the time I knew him, I never heard anything from him that I could construe as racist … is he a racist in your experience?”

“I don’t think Donald is racist at all,” Ivana emphatically stated, “he’s definitely not racist, I’m sure of that.”

When the president’s tweeting was brought up, Ivana noted, “He’s not going to change, and I think the tweeting is actually not a bad idea. Because … the press change every word you say, and they twist it … if he tweets, it’s out of his mouth … at least it is exactly what he thinks.”

Cohost Susanna Reid brought up to Ivana claims that President Trump was sexist, and asked how he had treated her. “He treated me fantastic, I never had a problem, he was always polite … during the divorce it was nasty because the lawyers got involved … once it was finalized, we were friends.” (Screengrab via Good Morning Britain)

“Did he ever treat you badly in the marriage?” Reid queried, pressing further.

“Never,” stated Ivana adamantly. “Never. I was his partner. I was a very successful businesswoman…”

“So, when lawyers, in the course of the divorce, talked about that he treated you badly, that was not the case?” asked Reid again.

“No. It was the lawyers stuff. Donald never touched me, I mean badly. We never really screamed … even during the divorce there was no screaming, or slamming of doors … and once the divorce was out of the way, we were 100 percent okay.”

Click here to watch the interview on Good Morning Britain.

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