Here’s an oldie but goody. Enjoy

It happened suddenly. At first, I was unable to recognize the signs. Something seemed the same, but it was as if they arrived as a cross dresser to hide their true identity and came to masquerade, uninvited.

I was stumped.

Their aroma gave off an all too familiar scent that I recognized, but I still couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It was like I could see them, their eyes peeking from underneath sunglasses, but something about this familiarity enticed me. Something about their presence, at the time, made me feel comfortable. I had invited them to come sit and converse, and they had packed a suitcase to stay a while.

Seclusion and separation became a new friend. Anxiety, insecurity, inadequacy and fear, then found a resting place. It was like they were all comfy by the fire, with their feet up on the couch. They all were quite comfortable there, yet the new me, knew something was wrong. The new me recognized their scent, like a thirsty blood hound on a hunt. Yet, lies had me veiled and my thinker had gone astray. My heart seemed paralyzed and I couldn’t move.

I could find no rest for my soul. I knew in my head where my rest comes from but I had these unwelcomed visitors blocking the way to my heart. They whispered so many lies and I would replay them over and over. The lies were speaking louder than His truth and I knew better.

How could the voice of my Daddy, be so drowned out? Why did I invite them to stay, by entertaining their nasty thoughts?

With my body wracked in pain and my mind in shambles, I knew this wasn’t my Father. It was time to serve the eviction notice.

Then my precious Daddy whispered lovingly, yet firm, with no condemnation, He said; “It’s time for them to go. Their vacation time is over!”

These dirty, unwelcomed guests had to leave, just like the mucus on the Mucinex commercial. Your time is finished with me! Time to pack your bags and bring your suitcase to the foot of my brother Jesus’ cross. It was time for you rascals to be judged.

Your identity has been revealed and next time I will smell your scent from a mile away. I actually thank you from coming by to take a visit, even though it was longer than I had expected but I’m learning to love my enemies as a friend, because they then began to lose their grip on me. As I stared it in the face and declared the opposite, freedom came with His Truth. Ultimately they brought me closer to my Family, closer to my Daddy, closer to Holy Spirit and my big brother Jesus!

You had tried to convince me I was an orphan but my family line runs deep, His blood runs through my veins, and I carry His DNA. Although, I had a short identity crisis, the NEW ME stood up and took her place at the table.

You see, you helped me learn how to eat with my Daddy at the table, even in your presence. I began to feast upon my Jesus and His truth began to be rooted deep in my heart and I knew He was my safe place. The old familiar scummy voices of the past, could not keep speaking because I knew a Truth that was even more familiar to me and that voice was deep in my core, from before time began.

So thank you for stopping by. The Father helped me so much through your visit. His vehement fire burned up all your lies. Those sticks that had plagued me the past two years, the sticks (lies), that had kept the seeds from sprouting on the promised land of my heart, well they’ve been thrown into the fire. He is bringing beauty from those ashes. Those seeds are now being nurtured and watered by my amazing Gardener and new green sprouts are already coming forth. They are growing into beautiful, fruitful trees.

So next time I hear you, if you are brave enough to return, all I will hear is , “Wah, wah, wah, Wah, wah.” Your lips are moving, but their lie, lie, lying! I will know and you will not be welcomed into my circle, or conversation. I will notice you next time and there will be a sign on the door declaring, “NO VACANCY!”