Our New Life Reality in God’s Kingdom Now

By Ronald D McGatlin

The door is now opening into the greater reality of God’s master plan for you and me and Planet Earth.

All that has gone before, since the proclamation and demonstration of the Kingdom of God on earth by Christ Jesus the Messiah, has been the preparation for that which is now manifesting into our world.

God is forming a new restored people who are prepared to live on earth as His kingdom sons and daughters.

This is a miraculous supernatural work of God by His Spirit. It is a work that is taking place in this day to fully manifest the life of Christ Jesus the Messiah in His people. This is such a marvelous process that no man can fully understand it though we can watch it now taking place if we have eyes to see.

The miraculous formation of the mature Sons of God and the reality of the return of this world to the Kingdom of God is now in clear view for all who have Spirit eyes to see.

The season of the finishing work of transformation and transition of this world to the domain of its rightful King Messiah Christ Jesus is now upon us.

The Forming of Kingdom People is A Great Mystery

Perhaps the greatest MYSTERY KEY of the Kingdom of God on earth is Christ in His people.

The confident earnest expectation of the ages is “Christ in you the hope of glory.”

Colossians 1:15-27: “Of which I became a minister according to the stewardship from God which was given to me for you, to fulfill the word of God, 26 the MYSTERY which has been hidden from ages and from generations, but now has been revealed to His saints. 27 To them God willed to make known what are THE RICHES OF THE GLORY OF THIS MYSTERY AMONG THE GENTILES: WHICH IS CHIRST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY”


God spoke to me recently in a dream that gives increased insight into the process of the formation of the kingdom Sons manifesting on earth.

The Seed and the Egg

I was awakened around five in the morning of January 1, 2018 and began praying while still in bed. Very soon I fell back to sleep and awoke around seven thirty from a very prophetic dream.

In the dream I entered a room with a group of waiting believers. They were excited and somewhat in wonder by an event that had just happened. They told me that someone had brought them a box full of large fertile eggs that were said to be from a new type of chicken that was greater than all the chickens they had ever seen before.

There was a sense of real love and genuine excitement and care in the atmosphere for me and for the new kind of eggs. The people seemed very glad to see me and somewhat in awe about the eggs. I looked at the eggs and said, “I have never seen any chicken eggs like these!” They were several times larger than a normal chicken egg and most were a kind of creamy white color with some light faded splotches of golden yellow on them. However, a few were in clear class container-like shells.

The people asked me to pray for the eggs. I said that I would. Immediately, as soon as I said that I would pray, a very strong presence of God filled the room and our hearts were suddenly filled with a deep love; tears came to our eyes as we were all very deeply impacted with the love of God in His awesome presence among us.

I said, “Let me first take off my coat.” I removed a heavy coat and a lighter garment under the coat, like maybe a sweater. Instantly, as I started praying, I awoke from the dream. I was in tears from the experience of the great love in the presence of God and these people.

I am still receiving from this dream experience. That which I have seen so far is clear and very powerful for this immediate season of the transformational workings of God.

Some Interpretation of the Dream

The eggs represent the fertile formation of the Kingdom Sons of God now growing as embryos that are soon hatching forth as a new godly breed of human Spirit beings on earth.

The people in the dream are the Bride, people in love with God who are given the charge of caring for the Sons who are being formed by God and will bring forth the fullness of the kingdom of heaven on earth. The Bride takes special care for the seed and the forming embryo that is planted both in themselves and in others. Love is extreme in all who are involved in this process of the rapid gestation period of the mature man child coming forth on earth.

The removing of my heavy coat and lighter garment speaks of the outside atmosphere being very cold (hostile) but the inside environment is very nurturing and comfortable in the intimate warmth of love. The coats are the necessary defenses against the cold world and must be removed in the inner sanctum of this awesome transformational process.

In short, the total loving care and prayer for this great and most significant event is the most urgent and significant calling and work of this season of transformation. This is like a birth of Christ multiplied on earth as the Sons of God are being formed to manifest the life and works of Christ in establishing the fullness of the Kingdom of God on earth.

A Marvelous Supernatural Creation Process

This is a marvelous work of Spirit creation. The Spirit DNA of God in Christ Jesus, by the seed of the Word of God (sperm), is being planted in chosen human beings (eggs), and is quickly, miraculously being formed into Sons of God. Collectively the Sons of God together form the fullness of the exact nature and stature of God in Christ Jesus.

The chosen human beings are the grown up children of the true Bride of Christ. They have been prepared through the loss of their own lives and emptied of self to be filled with the life of Christ Jesus Messiah by the marvelous work of the Holy Spirit of God. The children of the Bride are now coming forth as maturing sons and daughters as the One Son of God, His many membered Body ruling and reigning on earth.

The clear glass looking eggs were in the dream to allow us to see and understand some detail of the rapid formation of the living organism from the seed of the kingdom planted into the prepared hearts of the Sons of God on earth to restore the kingdoms of this world to the Kingdom of our God.

I was reminded of a video that I had seen years earlier of a chicken egg growing into a living chick in a glass container. It was fascinating to clearly view the miraculous creation process of the cells of the egg being quickly transformed by the DNA coding of the seed (sperm) into a living breathing creature with every tiny detail coming into being. The cells moved into place to perform their exact assignment in the exact place. All of the detailed living functioning parts of the chick came into place according to the seed (DNA) that was planted in it. You can watch that video online HERE https://youtu.be/btUTJGriP2E.

Beyond Human Understanding

This is a totally miraculous work of God that is beyond our understanding. Marvelously in only a few days in the incubator, a tiny beating heart is formed on the yoke of the egg. Microscopic blood vessels begin to form and an embryo chick shape begins to appear as the cells in the clear matter of the egg rush to the exact spot needed to begin turning into different body parts of the chick. A spine can soon be seen forming as various blood vessels carry blood from the beating heart to the many forming parts. In only twenty one days, a living, breathing, and cheeping creature appears and begins to walk around.

I am familiar with this process in the natural way from being raised on a farm, and I am familiar with the artificial incubation process from spending a few years later on in a modern homesteading type venture.

In the natural process a hen after laying the eggs, usually at a rate of one a day for a number of days, will begin to experience a heating up of her body temperature and a desire to set or hover over the eggs. For 21 days she will only leave the eggs for a few minutes during the warmest part of the day to get food and water and empty waste – always returning quickly before the eggs cool. The hen becomes very protective and will fight viciously to protect the eggs at any cost to herself.

God’s Creative Process

A word from God is a living seed pattern. All words have power when planted into the faith-filled heart soil of a human being. When moistened by the Holy Spirit, it will sprout and grow into creation. The heart of man is a creation or incubation center for God’s will and plan on earth.

The first biblical example of the power of the seed and egg creation process took place when the word (seed) of God was spoken at the time of the world’s creation. God spoke the word (seed), and the world and all that is on it and around it was created as recorded in Genesis 1 and 2.

The miraculous process of the seed (word) of God was freshly planted again on earth as the DNA of God was planted in the Virgin Mary, and the perfect sinless human being Christ Jesus was on earth being formed in the womb of a young woman. A new creation began to form on earth – a new Adam directly from the DNA of God without the limitations that had come through the first Adam’s rebellion against God. Christ Jesus grew up and received the Spirit as a dove from heaven and began the process of planting the seed word of the kingdom of God into the “egg” hearts of mankind in this world.

The Multiplied Seed Word of the Kingdom

Finally after over two millennia, the seed of Christ bearing the word (seed) of the kingdom has a place to multiply on earth – a people emptied of self-rule and the false weed seeds planted by an enemy of God. They are prepared and ready to receive the seed of the word of the Kingdom of God on earth. The kingdom Sons of the Bride are being formed in the womb of the Spirit Bride as Spirit eyes and ears have opened to receive the word (seed, DNA) of the kingdom of God.

All the virtuous characteristics of God in Christ Jesus Messiah are encoded in the DNA of the Word that is planted in the “eggs” (the manifesting Sons of God on earth). The unlimited love, power, and wisdom of God in heaven is being formed in a people to redeem and restore planet earth through a process of supernatural natural growth of the seed of God in mankind.

Every living thing created by God has its seed that is coded with its living pattern DNA within it. In the brown matter of the pecan is the entire living pattern of a majestic pecan tree: the shape of its leaves, the type of bark, the size and shape of the nuts it will produce someday are all coded in the living seed of the pecan.

The majestic supernatural qualities of the Sons of God and the full reality of the KINGDOM OF GOD on earth is contained in the WORD of GOD, the LIVING SEED of God.

As the DNA seed of God is imparted (spoken) into the “eggs” people of God, the Sons manifest into being. And as the Sons are planted into the world, the Kingdom of God is planted and will grow into full manifestation on earth. A mysterious miraculous supernatural work of God takes place as the DNA of God forms in the cells of human beings into perfected Sons of God in Christ Jesus.

We all have a part in the extreme season of transformation. More on this next week.

Ronald D McGatlin

More on this soon

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