(The mandate of God for the next two years 2018 and 2019.)

If you have been sensing a shutdown or lack of permanence in the daily activities and short term goals of your life, you are not alone. It seems to me that many of God’s kingdom minded people, including myself, are experiencing a lessening of the activity of the works of God that He has had us doing over the recent years.

I believe, for me at least, this has been going on in recent months but without my recognizing and responding to the gentle tugs on my heart to back away from some busy things and seek God for the next part of the works that He has for me in this next season of life. God is faithful and will send increasingly obvious directional urgings to interrupt our daily busy routines. A computer failure has been my message to pause and reconsider what God has for me in the next and last season of my purpose here in this life.

Perhaps some of you reading this are also recognizing that in this season of worldwide transformation your own personal work for God is being changed toward a somewhat different work. A work that is a part of the overall changes and plans of God in this season of moving from religion to relationship and from church as usual to the kingdom of God reality in the fullness of life in this world.

Through many seasons of major change in my lifetime of almost 85 years, there is full confidence and trust that God will soon make known clearly what my personal part is in this new year of 2018. This is a year of another major change for many of us. The way things were from 2007 to 2017 is not how it will be in 2018 onward. It is important that we now take time to receive our new “service agreement” that God has for us each as we fit into our place in the overall body of kingdom of heaven reign of world changing life on earth.

At this point we may be yet waiting for definite understanding of the details of our part. However, we can know that it will fit in with the overall plan and purposes of God in this season. In a very general sense we have entered a third major season or phase of the work of God since Christ Jesus first proclaimed and brought into being the plan of God for the ages.

Three Major Seasons of Restoration

The three major seasons of transforming restoration of Planet Earth to the kingdom of God began in the first century as Christ Jesus, Messiah proclaimed and demonstrated the kingdom of God had come to earth. Eventually through much apostate difficulty, the gospel of salvation by grace through faith was restored to the people seeking God around five hundred years ago. This first season of being born again and of seeking sanctification through commitment and service grew across the world.

The second great season of restoration began around the beginning of the twentieth century with the restoration of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The empowerment of the work of the Holy Spirit in God’s people rapidly covered the world in the twentieth century. Much restored enlightenment began to flow into Spirit-filled believers bringing rapid restoration to much of the works of the first century when Christ Jesus and His disciples proclaimed and demonstrated the reality of the kingdom of God on earth.

Prophetic and apostolic works began to flow again by the Holy Spirit in gifted men and women of God. In the latter part of the twentieth century, major kingdom truth began to flow again in forerunners with restored apostolic type callings and gifting. Holy Spirit empowered revivals and renewals announced the coming of the third great season of transforming restoration. The miraculous works of Christ became manifest among masses of people in outpourings of Spirit power and manifestations changing lives and preparing the way for the restoration of the reality of the kingdom of God coming forth on earth within His saints to begin the redemption of this world to “as it is in heaven.”

In this current season of the first quarter of the twenty first century, the third great season is now fully coming forth on Planet Earth. The reality of Christ being formed in His body on earth is taking place in our day. God’s people are in this season opening their spiritual eyes and ears to becoming one with God as Christ abides in us as we abide in Him. Literally becoming the sons of God to do the works of God on earth as Christ in us by the Holy Spirit becomes who we are. We are recognizing that we are dead, crucified with Christ, and that the life we now live is Christ living in us by the Holy Spirit.

Just to recap, the first season involved the revelation of salvation and sanctification. The second season was the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the empowered works of the Holy Spirit in us. The Third season is Christ in us and the reality of the kingdom of God on earth.

Some believers today are parked in the first season of being born again with emphasis of making it to heaven in an afterlife. Many believers today are abiding in the second season of Holy Spirit empowerment and Spirit empowerment to fix and improve their lives now on earth. Most believers are just now seeing the reality of the renewed kingdom of God life within them coming forth out to transform the world and all that is in it back to the reality of the kingdom of God on earth.

This third work of returning the kingdoms of this world to the kingdom of our God is the major purpose for all that has gone before. The first two seasons have been and still are the preparation for the mature sons of God to come forth to rule and reign as Christ abides in them to restore the world to the Garden of Eden or New Jerusalem life of God with us ruling the world with His love.

The Call of God Today

The call of God today is to seek first the kingdom of God. That is to intimately relate to God in the Spirit and become one with God as Christ Jesus abides in us and us in Him. The glory of God will manifest in this world in us as we experience Christ in us the reality of the glory of God on earth.

This is the season for kingdom teachers to arise and boldly proclaim and powerfully demonstrate the glorious kingdom of God reality on earth. The trappings of religion and secularism and all works tainted with the essence of the darkness of self-focus, intellectualism, and demonic influence are washing away like dust in the shower of the reality of the kingdom of God being poured out upon us.

The Baptism of Fire upon the earth is coming forth to cleanse the planet of all and anything that lifts itself against God and His kingdom coming forth on earth. This is the season of the fire of boldness without reserve or consideration of any force or work of the enemy. There is no fear in the perfect love of God bringing forth His way, His kingdom now on Planet Earth. The enemies of God will become the friends of God through love, or they will self-destruct in the fire of God’s pure unquenchable love.


No man nor demon will stand against the love and power of the outpouring of the pure wisdom of the reality of the kingdom of God in you by the Spirit. All things made perfect will work together for the unmovable to be moved and the unconquerable to be conquered and to the expansion of His kingdom there shall be no end.

This is the mandate of God for the next two years 2018 and 2019.

Ronald D McGatlin

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