“My motto for my job is that I’m there to make a difference. So many people are depressed, stressed, sad. They’re going to funerals, they spend a lot of money for flight tickets … If I can be the one to make a difference in somebody’s life and make their life better when they got off [the plane] than how they were when they came on, God put me there for that reason.” -Charisse Miles

Billy Hallowell : Dec 26, 2017 : Faithwire.com

airlift[Faithwire.com] There typically aren’t many pleasantries flowing when confronting a slew of passengers who want nothing more than to reach their final destination during the holiday season, but it seems one flight attendant wants to change all that. (Photo: ABC News/Suzi Pitts/via Faithwire.com)

Southwest flight attendant Charise Miles, 42, grabbed a terminal microphone over the weekend at an airport in Houston and, rather than rambling off boarding information, she instead started belting out a beautiful rendition of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”

Miles, who told ABC News that she went to college on a music scholarship, said that it was her dream job to travel the world as a flight attendant and to sing along the way (she said that she performs on all of her flights).

But Miles sees a greater mission in her performing than merely belting out a tune here or there: she’s intent on making a difference…

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