One Month After the Great Crusade in Lagos

I am back in Lagos just one month after the great Gospel Crusade at which Reinhard Bonnke shared his farewell messages with 1,700,000 people in Lagos, Nigeria – on the continent of Africa where he has ministered for over fifty years! I am thrilled to report to you that the decision count is in, and in the five days of meetings, we had 845,875 PEOPLE MAKE SALVATION DECISIONS!

These new converts are being ushered into the 8,000 participating churches, to be followed up and discipled into the kingdom of God. We utilize a sophisticated follow-up system, with hundreds of computers for data input and tens of thousands of cell phone calls each day welcoming the new converts into the kingdom of God, introducing them to the particular church that they will attend and to the pastor as well.

On my arrival back in Lagos, I was inundated with excited reports of what has been happening here after the event. Hundreds of participating pastors reported that on the first Sunday following the crusade, they were FLOODED WITH THOUSANDS of new church members. This phenomenon has been repeated Sunday after Sunday since then with hundreds more arriving in their churches each weekend. Glory to God!

Many churches near the former crusade site have come together in an impromptu response by the people and are HOLDING MASS PRAYER MEETINGS every week on the now vacant crusade field. PEOPLE ARE STREAMING TO THESE INFORMAL MEETINGS ATTRACTED BY THE MANY REPORTS OF HEALINGS AND MIRACLES THAT ARE STILL TAKING PLACE THERE!

We as the Christ for all Nations team, together with so many around the world who made this event financially possible, are rejoicing in once again being able to fulfill the Great Commission and we look forward to many more great and effective events in the months ahead.

Thank you, Ron, for your prayer and financial support! If you happened to miss any of the amazing things that God did over those five days in November, you can see, hear, and read all of it here!

Yours in the Gospel,

Peter Vandenberg
Vice President

Together with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda
(And the CfaN Ministry Team)



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