It is amazing when you hear something that stays with you forever. The Word is like that – it stays; it is sharp, active, and alive, even dividing our emotions (soul) from our heart (spirit). Everything in life seems to be pointing us back to ‘The Word;’ back to the authority of The Word in all aspects of life. I am reminded of many core teachings heard years ago (in the 1980s) – these teachings are rising up as if I heard them yesterday. Resoundingly, I hear

“When the Word is authority ‘in’ the situation, it becomes authority ‘of’ the situation – seek My Word for direction and authority in any given circumstance.”

Like many, much of the later Word of Faith teachings drove me away, as man began to put his hand to the core of this message; yet the core (early) message seems to be rising in clear refocus today. Go to YouTube and watch a Kenneth Hagen Senior teaching from that era.

In these last months of 2017 as I go deep in a place of prayer, I am taken back, back to ‘The Word’ that changed my life transitioning me to a man of faith, able to hear God and be led of His Spirit. I watched for any opportunity to learn, absorbing my spiritual snuff from Copeland-Hagen and others. I loved Word of Faith teaching, so I was open to hear what I share with you in this writing, as this specific word changed my life even more – still producing results today (30 plus years later).

This word first came alive in me through a traveling foreigner, a man far different from me in every aspect of life. This African Pastor journeyed through our area in the mid to late 80s. He came with a message; one that protected, kept in him in rest and trust, and one often used to save his physical life. This man often found himself in danger and desperate, such that the Word was his only defense – he had few other options in protecting himself or his family and congregation. In those days rogue Armies roamed parts of Africa committing wholesale murder of entire villages, tribes, and religious factions of which Christians were a part. His area was often a target for these atrocities. Plague and drought were also constantly an issue, but this man and his people survived these life threatening ordeals time and again by invoking God’s Word in the circumstance. His message resounds in me today, rising like ‘pressured’ water erupting from a deep well – it is the Word coming alive to produce abundant life in the face of a devil who wants to kill, steal, and destroy. Let this Word rise up in you: Let it become total authority ‘in’ your situation, that it become total authority ‘of’ your situation.

This Word focuses on two words – no and know. “Know, no weapon formed against you can possibly prosper. If God be for you, who (or what) can be against you?” Know, “no weapon formed against you can prosper.” Once you identify the weapon, you speak to it (Matthew 11:23, 24), you say to the mountain opposing you, “Be removed and cast into the sea,” as God’s Word to you, spoken from your mouth, puts such pressure on the circumstance (mountain) that it no longer can prevail. You must KNOW that NO weapon formed against you can possibly prosper. You must know that what is impossible with man is possible with God, because the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God, pulling down strongholds.

We have power and authority in this earth IF we appropriate God’s Word and Will into the circumstances that we face. This is God’s Way provided to man for man, that man walk in dominion and authority in this earth, yet Hosea 4:6 tells us “My people (the Church) perish for lack of knowledge.” We have remained powerless as a people, yet this is about to change as the prophetic voices of the Age are pointing to God’s Order out of the current chaos the Body is experiencing. The order is coming for the Word’s sake, and coming from the Word. In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.

Every circumstance of life has a solution for God’s people. That solution IS God’s Word, and the Word alone is our deliverer as faith can only come from having heard, as it is impossible to please God without faith. In fact the word teaches us that anything that is not faith is sin. There can be no faith without a word, and no word without seeking (for any given circumstance); hence man going on his merry way (without power for victory). Current chaos has produced a current hunger that brings God’s order roaring back into His people – the Word producing authority and dominion to God’s people in the earth: A people seeking God’s Word – This is the order of God.

Clay Sikes

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