Praise God for the times here and there and now and then when there is an experience of God being with us in a very tangible presence that comes upon us, within us, and around us. These are the times in which miracles occur in an atmosphere of supernatural Spirit activity that seems to take over not only ourselves but our surroundings as well.

People who encounter these times use different terms to describe the experience. Some simply say God showed up or the manifest presence of God came or we were in the Spirit or the glory of God was upon us or other terms. (Mat 18:20) (John 14:17-18).

No matter how you describe it, what really is going on is that we are experiencing the kingdom of heaven (kingdom of God) come to earth. Literally the Spirit environment of heaven, the kingdom of heaven reality, has come into that immediate area at that specific point in time.

While we are in that reality, everything we speak has immediate consequences. Our minds and bodies are not our own as we hear ourselves speaking boldly the words of God and see ourselves taking actions without any thought of our own. We are only watching and hearing things God is doing that we may see only milliseconds before we effortlessly do that which we see being done and say what we hear being said.


The message from God today is that these experiences are forerunner type preparation for the fulltime reality of the kingdom of God being released upon the sons and daughters of God on earth.

You may have wondered what the coming great harvest revival would look like. Many prophets have said we know a great move of God is coming, but we don’t know what it will look like. Father is now showing us what it is like, how it comes, and what it does.

We are seeing the answers to our questions and at the same time being trained by these experiences. We are being prepared by these experiences of the kingdom coming down and transforming us and the atmosphere around us into the glory of the reality of God’s kingdom reality. This is the reality of His kingdom reigning in and through His people coming down upon us in these forerunner type temporary experiences.

That which we can see now at this point is totally mind-boggling and heart-stretching to say the least. It is bigger and more earth-changing than our mental and physical frames can handle. There is simply not enough capacity in our structure to envision or imagine the full extent of what God is doing in this transformation millennium that has begun in this day.


At least two conditions seem to commonly exist when these heaven experiences come about.

First, there seems to be some form of traumatic or very deep experience or condition of need or desire in some situation or experience with at least one or more of the people that are involved in the episode of heaven coming down. The more corporate the traumatic experience or desperate need is, the more wide-spread the kingdom of God reality experience will be.

These forerunner type experiences can happen in a church group, but they seem to happen frequently in urgent life situations.

The second thing that must be present is a passionate love for God. It seems that often after some form of need, desire, or hunger develops then there is a passionate turning to God that leads to heaven coming down. The key is the passion for God in a person or a group of people. A fire of passion must ignite within us that turns us to God with our whole hearts and lives. A passion for God that shifts our priorities to a pure love relationship of total dependency upon God above all else in life.

Some pressing or traumatic situation can be a part causing us to be willing to turn to God with our whole hearts. As we come to grips with the reality of the pure holy love of God and realize our indifference and lack of respect, honor, and love for Him, our repentant hearts may begin to be filled with passionate love for God and His people. This passionate love for God opens the way for heaven to come down.

As it is in these forerunner kingdom of heaven experiences, so it is in the worldwide experience of the New Jerusalem style kingdom of God filling the earth with the governance of God. (Rev 3:12) (Rev 21).

A Great Darkness Covering the Earth

The great darkness now coming upon the world is rapidly increasing. (Isa 60:2). This is leading to a terrible siege of evil terrorizing the world with threats of completely annihilating the light and love of God from Planet Earth. This is without a doubt the most cunning and subversive worldwide attack of darkness in history. All the earth is strained and groaning under the weight of the darkness of evil oppressing mankind. Storms and natural disasters roar across the landscape as a result of the ways of fallen mankind in gross darkness. (Rom 8:18-22) (Isa 65:11-16).

Peace in the Storm

Even in the time of extreme apocalyptic cataclysmic events on earth, the people of the kingdom of God can live in peace and the provision of God in the midst of the turmoil of the world, under the shadow of the Almighty in the midst of our enemies. (Psalm 23) (Psalm 91).

What the devil means for destruction is used for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. (Rom 8:28).

These gross darkness and severe catastrophic events combined are the worldwide traumatic event that sets up the turning to God with our whole hearts. The wholehearted turning to God of God’s prepared people opens the way for the kingdom of heaven to fill the earth with the love and ways of God. The kingdoms of this earth become the kingdoms of our God. (Rev 11:15).


The temporary forerunner encounters of kingdom reality that we are now experiencing will become the permanent fulltime way of life on Planet Earth. God will dwell with us, and all the earth will eventually be fully restored under the rule of Spirit God in Christ Jesus within the people of God on earth. (Rev 21) (Isa 65:17-25).

All the world shall prosper as there is no costly loss of the resources of earth consumed in fighting wars, crime, sickness, disease, and strife of every kind. There will be no need for prisons, hospitals, armies of destruction, laws or law enforcement, no divorce or devastated children, and no need for psychologists or drugs to deal with the damaged psyches of the people.

There will be plenty of everything for everyone as the earth produces abundance, and it is not wasted through strife. Even the weather will improve as violent storms will lessen as nature returns to its original created state.


Dear Friends, This is why Jesus came to Planet Earth. This is why we were born a human being and why we were born again in the Spirit of Christ filling our lives. This is why we are now experiencing the kingdom of God as Spirit beings in whom Christ dwells as His temple on earth.

We are the agents of the kingdom of heaven sent to experience, proclaim, and demonstrate life in the kingdom now as seeds planted into the world to bring forth the transformed world of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. (Mat 13:36-43).

The kingdom is God’s overall plan that includes all aspects of life in this world as well as all creation. All things of the Spirit and natural world are contained under the rule and authority of the reality of the kingdom of God.

All things on Planet Earth are to be ruled by God’s love. God’s love flows through His chosen agents of mankind. God made mankind in His image and likeness to be His agents to rule from the Spirit realm into the natural world. (Gen 1:26-28).

Jack R Taylor says, “The kingdom is like a jigsaw puzzle.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, all the different pieces of life in the world fit together to form the picture on the box. We can look at the big picture, the kingdom of God, and determine how it all fits together. The kingdom of God is not one of the parts in the box; it is the picture on the box, the one overall purpose of God in which all creation fits together. From the Spirit realm the big picture on the box is made known to mankind.

Different Gifts and Callings in Harmony

Every work of man in the kingdom is connected with others and supplies some needed function to the other part. The Spirit environment of the presence of God with us and within us supplies all the strength and wisdom to be and to do our part effectively. This assures a good supply of what is needed in the natural world.  (1 Cor 12) (Eph 4:11-16).

We serve God as we serve mankind: by supplying our part to others and to the natural physical world. The presence of God in and with us is the power, wisdom, and the authority to take care of the “garden” of the created world and all that is in it.

All this is done and works together by the LOVE of God. Because of love in us, there is nothing out of order and no strife or loss of provisions to ungodly disorder. Praise and worship to God abounds, and the whole world moves in the harmony of oneness with the perfect plan of God. So it is that the kingdom of God has fully come, and the will of God is done on earth as it is in heaven.

Satan and all darkness of evil have no place or part in anything going on in the world ruled by God through His people. The enemy is bound through the lack of place in mankind on earth. He is of no value or purpose in the kingdom of God reality.

How long will it take for these things to be completed? I don’t know, and I seriously doubt that anyone knows. However, I do know with all certainty of the written word and the Spirit that it has begun and that we are further along now than we have ever been in history.

The King and His kingdom are now within us! (Luke 17:21).

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32:

Ron McGatlin






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