Lana Vawser

There are some great changes happening in the atmosphere right now. Things are moving and things are shaking, but it is not something to fear. God is leading many of you in a completely new direction.

Things are starting to not look the same, but that is NOT something to fear, it is something to get EXCITED about, because God is setting the stage for INCREASE.

There is a temptation in the transition of what God is doing to fight and struggle against surrendering to the new way He is leading, but you have become “familiar” with what He did before, but friends, I want to encourage you, what is AHEAD for you is better than what you have seen before.

I have been seeing a spirit of fear coming against many in the past little while, and the enemy is attempting to raise up vain imaginations, false whispers, lies of the future, foreboding because of the glorious things that God is moving His people into.

There is a significant transition happening right now, and for many of you 2018 is going to look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to 2017, but that is not something to fear. The enemy wants you to think it’s a “negative” thing coming, or it’s a “loss” or it is another “horrific battle” but God has amazing divine surprises in unexpected areas in 2018. The Lord has spoken to me a lot about 2018, and one of the whispers I heard regarding 2018 was “2018 will be a year where you will see that dreams REALLY DO COME TRUE!!!”. Many of you are going to see that reality in 2018 and that is WHY the enemy is coming against you with FEAR in the change and FEAR in the transition.


I heard the Lord say “Trust is a MUST”. You must lay back into His arms and let the river of His Spirit carry you in the new direction. Your heart may feel fear, your soul may scream, your mind may race but CHOOSE to trust Him, because He is leading you into a greater place of INCREASE, but in order to get to that place of INCREASE, you must LEAN BACK and surrender and know that TRUST IS A MUST.

The leaning back of trust will see the winds of acceleration fall upon the change and there will be swift moves and shifts, but I saw the enemy attempting to lure many of God’s people into a place of “struggle” in the trust through FEAR to then hinder and cause a DELAY. But your choice to trust, your decree to trust, your alignment with TRUTH will see the very fear and confusion attempting to be sent upon you by the enemy, sent back into his camp.


In this transition taking place for many right now, the place where things can feel a little uncomfortable and scary, I saw the beautiful comfort of the Holy Spirit. He is going to continue to whisper His comfort and His truth to you. I heard the Lord say “STAY DRENCHED IN TRUTH”. Stay DEEP in the Word through this transition. Stay DEEP in the place of feasting upon what HE is saying over the change, for the enemy is attempting to make FEAR and the NOISE of his lies LOUD, but staying drenched in God’s truth, you will see the NOISE not affect you. You will ‘hear’ it but it won’t take hold, it won’t take root, and you will begin to walk in greater peace, joy and vision for this new season and change that is upon you. Choose His voice! Choose to align with His Word! Then you will see the lightning bolt power of His breakthrough sever the vines of fear that have been attempting to ensnare you.

The Lord showed me that Proverbs 16:9 is going to open up in greater revelation for MANY in this transition of change happening right now:

“Within your heart you can make plans for your future, but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there.” (The Passion Translation)

The Lord spoke to me that in the EMBRACING of this change there is going to be a REJOICING heart cry and declaration of Psalm 18 :30 from His people:

“What a God you are! Your path for me has been PERFECT! All your promises have proven true, what a secure shelter for all those who turn to hide themselves in You! You are the wrap-around God giving grace to me!” (The Passion Translation)


I heard the Lord say in the change that is happening right now, the transition for many of you, do not look to the left or to the right. Do not look at what others pathways look like, what others “new lands” look like, keep your eyes on Jesus and what He has called you to do and where He is leading you. For what He is preparing for you is PERFECT! Stay deep in the place of intimacy with Him and let Him love you! Let Him pour His peace upon you and fill you with the vision He has for this new season of change. For the more you position yourself to be filled with His vision, the more fear, competition, striving, feeling left out or left behind will be healed in the beautiful revelation of His love for you, your identity in Him and the plan He has for you!!!! Be filled with the vision of your Papa!


The Lord showed me that the changes many of you are facing are HUGE. Things are going to look completely different in a gloriously good way, but the Lord showed me that in the change, that some relationships are shifting. The Lord showed me that some relationships are changing. Do not fight the shift in relationships. Let the Lord do what He needs to do. For the Lord is reorganising relationships, He is sifting and shifting some relationships, but you can be assured of one thing, I saw the Lord strengthening relationships, support networks and inner circles. Your inner circle may be shifting, but do not fight the shifting, for the Lord knows who is to walk with you into the new. He knows who is to be with you in the room as you birth. He knows you is to hold your hand as you go up the mountain. The Lord is strengthening support networks and inner circles. Allow Him to do what He needs to do. It is not time to throw away God connections, but it is time to surrender to all God is growing and adding and realigning.

He is setting the stage for a completely new season of adventure, intimacy, vision and INCREASE for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!!!!