For many years I was like a “spiritual hitchhiker” catching a ride on the latest revelation, teaching or charismatic leader, all the while continuing my search for that seemingly elusive “perfect church.” The spiritual landscape in those days was much like a “theme park” where I would rush from one ride (revelation) to another as there were many unique moves of God occurring simultaneously.

During this time I became a student of the moving’s and manifestations of the Spirit both past and present from Pentecost to Holy laughter, all of which I can personally attest are valid experiences. The question for which I sought an answer in each instance is not what causes revival to begin but what causes it to end?

How sad throughout church history when God reaches out in a unique way to His people and the anointing, manifestation or message begins to flow through that person or group, they commit the greatest of sins by “touching the Glory” and attempting to give it natural form.

They attempt to imprison the vision behind denominational walls and monetize the moves of God. The Holy Spirit is grieved and the presence of God lifts from that person, place or ministry. There is no such thing as a spiritual vacuum so when the Holy Spirit moves out, some spirits of error and deception will fill that void so that what occurs going forward is nothing more than a “spiritual reenactment” of a glory that has departed.

The people are filled with natural zeal so that “His Presence” is replaced with “Programs and Activities” that focus on a message, a move or a charismatic leader as the absence of the Spirit goes unnoticed.

The desire of my heart and the burden in my spirit is to shine His redemptive light on our past as His people so that we may learn and be prepared for what He is about to do in the earth. There is a wave coming that I don’t want any of us to miss.

It will be as a “spiritual tsunami” of the Glory of God. Don’t touch it, take credit for it or attempt to profit from it, just get ready and be prepared to ride the wave of His Spirit as it carries us into His millennial Kingdom. The knowledge of the Lord will fill the earth with righteousness, peace and joy.

Habakkuk 2:14 “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea”

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