This teaching carries a prophetic urgency for Christians as they face an increasingly hostile humanistic culture. It gives the biblical foundation for faith in the certainty of God’s unchanging nature and purpose, recovering the true dimension of the Church’s destiny in the earth. As such, it provides the basis for the re-education of our heart and mind in the revelation of Christ’s victory and Lordship in history over all nations and peoples. It carries the impetus for recovering the Christian mandate to press the crown rights of Christ in every sphere of life and culture.


A Countercultural Commentary of the Contemporary

Monthly Ern Baxter Audio
 Part 4 entitled “What is the Land?”

In concluding this series, Ern outlines scripturally what the land of Canaan represented for the Old Covenant people and how it illustrates God’s intention for the New Covenant people; specifically, their victorious conquest of the entire earth.


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About W. J. Ern Baxter (1914-1993)

Ern Baxter pastored the largest evangelical church in Vancouver, Canada, for 25 years, was a key leader in the Healing Revival and an influential teacher in the Charismatic Renewal. He brought a unique blend of Reformed theology and charismatic experience, carrying a burden for the Word and Spirit to be held in balanced tension.

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