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The breath of God is life. All breath is from God. All that has breath has its life from God. (Acts 17:24-25) (1 Tim 6:13).

There is natural breath and Spirit breath.

Without breath there are no spoken words. The Spirit breath of God spoke, and light was created. All that was created in the heavens and on earth was created by the Spirit breath of God that spoke creation into being. (Gen 1, 2).

All creation is sustained by the released power and design by the Spirit breath of God Almighty through Christ Jesus. (Col 1:15-18).

All that has breath on earth is alive in the natural realm. Mankind was created with natural breath and the Spirit breath of God. Adam was given the breath of natural life and the breath of Spirit life. (Gen 1:26-28) (Gen 2:7).

When Adam sinned against God, he lost the supernatural Spirit quality of life of God.

Redeemed human beings who are redeemed from the curse of Adam by the blood of the Lamb, the sacrificial life of Christ Jesus at the cross, and His resurrected life now abiding in us by the Holy Spirit, are fully restored to the Spirit breath of God as well as the natural breath of natural life in this world. (Col 1 19-29).

Natural breath gives us living connection in this world. Spirit breath gives us connection in the Spirit realm, the ability to know the will of God, and the power to bring it about in the natural world from the Spirit realm of God in heaven. (1 Cor 6_16).

Natural man has no ability to know the will of God but does have the natural spirit of a living being to impact the world with the will of fallen man under the influence and powers of darkness. The operation of this reality is commonly referred to as sorcery, witchcraft, mind craft, and many other occult type names.

These same evil spirit forces that seek to rule the natural world are present in many other works that have more socially acceptable names. These evil spirits also sometimes hide behind and work within secular and religious systems. Some of the most common have names like humanism, intellectualism, materialism, communism, socialism, racism, fascism, pacifism, and multitudes of secular and religious “isms.”

Many of the religious “isms” are mixtures of some Spirit truth with evil spirit fallacious concepts. Even much of Christianity has been infiltrated with fallen world concepts to form a “Christianism” type religious mixture.

Anything, even good things from God, can become idols that are openings for the works of evil spirits to affect the people. As soon as people begin to trust in something other than God to meet their needs and fulfill their lives, the thing in which they trust becomes an idol to them. Our trust is to be always ultimately in God. All good things come from God. (James 1:17).

None of this darkness and mixture is allowed in the New Jerusalem city of the fullness of the kingdom of God reality on earth as it is in heaven. (Rev 21:27).

World Preparation for Arising Kingdom Reality

There are two major aspects or fronts of the world preparation through transformation:

  • One part is the removal of all of the evil fallen world ways in the hearts and minds of the people through the powerful love of Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit dissolving the works of the enemy in the hearts and minds of redeemed people. And replacing it with the pure holy love of God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit.
  • The other part is the dissolution of all that lifts itself against God. Literally the removal from the earth of all that man has built or allowed that is not of God. Every work planted by the enemy will be dissolved from the earth from its root to its fruit and its seed.

The fire of God that is now coming near the earth with a mighty roar will refine the godly and destroy all that is not of God.

This is not a one-time 24 hour situation but a season of both of the two aspects of world reformation working simultaneously to be dissolving all evil and bringing forth the righteousness, peace, and joy of the real kingdom of God in the Holy Spirit. The roaring fire of God is fear and destruction to natural fallen man, and at the same time great glory to the pure and holy humble mature sons and daughters of God.

In the kingdom of God on earth, there is to be no more mixture in the people of God. The brightness of the glory of God consumes all darkness in the mature sons and daughters of God. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His presence. 2 Thessalonians 2:8. We as mature holy sons and daughters in whom Christ dwells by the Holy Spirit have the breath of the Lord. We become the voice of the Lord on earth speaking forth only what the Father is doing and saying.

While We Have Breath in Us….

Dear friends, God is reminding us that the only time we have to do our part of speaking the world-changing Spirit words of world transformation to the kingdom of God is WHILE WE HAVE HIS SPIRIT BREATH AND THE BREATH OF THIS LIFE IN US.


My dear loved ones, now is the time that I have given you My breath filled with My love and power to finish that which I have sent you into this world to be and to do. Now it is that My light is in you, with you, and around you. My Spirit is alive in you, and all things are possible. Nothing is too hard for Me. Be cleansed in the purity of the brilliant light of my love and flow My love, power, and heaven’s reality in the places where I have placed you and in the places to which I will lead you. Today while My BREATH is in you, speak My heart of love to My world and all that is in it. Breathe deeply of Me, and speak with My authority to the entire world. Finish the course. Well done, my faithful Sons!

Thank You, Father God! Thank You, Lord Jesus! Thank You, Holy Spirit! Father, we pray in the name of Jesus, please help us to not waste the time and the gifts that You have entrusted to us for this world. Father, help us NOT to take anything to the grave with us that you have intended for us to release to Your people and Your Planet Earth. Let us plant into this world all that You have entrusted to us for this world. Awaken and empower Your sons and daughters to pour out to this world all that You have given to us for this world while we have breath is in us. Thank you, Lord God, for all your blessings of mercy, grace, and Your Spirit Breath to do and be Your voice in this world. We praise You, Almighty God of all! Amen.

Praise the Lord!

Praise God in His sanctuary;
Praise Him in His mighty firmament!

Praise Him for His mighty acts;
Praise Him according to His excellent greatness!

Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet;
Praise Him with the lute and harp!
Praise Him with the timbrel and dance;
Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes!
Praise Him with loud cymbals;
Praise Him with clashing cymbals!

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Praise ye the Lord! Psalm 150.

Ron McGatlin


2. The Ancient Path

By Amanda Leonard

There she stood with wide eyed wonder and hope in her heart. She loved adventure and was ecstatic to begin her journey into the depths of the Mystery.

In front of her appeared two paths. One was well beaten, it looked as if many had been down this one. The trail was well traveled and wide. There was no brush or thorns, no obstacles that stopped the way of going forward. It looked inviting so she decided to go down this path.

The trees were whistling a song as the wind blew through their branches. The way was lit and the range was flat and enjoyable to walk through.

As she began her journey forward she came across signs that pointed her to the direction she was to go and there was no veering from that way. There were people there along the way, encouraging her to keep the path. She looked over the edge and it was steep and if she didn’t follow directions, she’d surely fall to her emanate death. They wanted her to stay the course, even though her heart longed for more adventure.

She listened intently to what they said, as it seemed like they knew what was best. So onward she went. She approached another sign, turn right.

Everything looked the same, the trees, the flowers, the mountain, the people. It was as if with each turn, it was a mirror reflection of the previous place she’d been. It did feel comfortable to her, so she proceeded.

Again another sign, turn right. She did as it said. The path got deeper the further she went and she felt like she was entrenched. There was no way out and she began to feel imprisoned to this path that seemed to be going in circles. What at first seemed lovely, now felt like confinement.

This path looked so wonderful at first. It was so bright and was so inviting. Yet, she was unable to veer from the direction of the signs and the people who told her what was best.

Up ahead, another right turn. She began to feel heavy, like a huge yoke was across her shoulders. The people began to place heavy weights upon her, expecting so much of her on her journey. She felt the responsibility to carry what they had given her. She could barely go on, each step added a thousand pounds. Another, right turn.

There she was, at the beginning again. She had tracked a circle and had gotten no where. Her heart was downcast and she knew there was more to this journey than this. She wanted to be brave and step out from the entrenchment.

Could it be this other path could lead her somewhere new? Somewhere she had never been? Was this a path that many had overlooked because it didn’t look pleasing to the eye? Could this ancient path lead her to where her heart had always dreamed of?

She took off the heavy yoke and bravely jumped out of the trench, even though those along her previous journey had warned her not to.

Their voices were loud at first. She wondered if they were right. What if I do go down this other path and I get lost or I can’t find my way? The path is so narrow and steep and it doesn’t look like many have come this way, she thought. It looks dark and overgrown and she could barely see the small cobble stones for all the overgrowth. She decided it was worth it, to travel this unknown path. So she went.

It seemed scary, as there was little light to show her the way. She could still hear the voices from those on her previous path but the further she went, the quieter they became. Then, she heard a voice within, “This is My ancient path, not many choose this one. It’s hard but worth it. I believe in you.” She used her arms to tear down branches that were in her way. Some had thorns and she got a few cuts and began to bleed. The way seemed to close in on her and she had to get lower and lower. She climbed over stumps and moved small trees out of the way for her to walk through. She didn’t see anyone along this path, yet, she didn’t feel alone.

She walked and walked and then up ahead she saw an old ornate gate with beautiful green ivy wrapped around it. A bright light shone through it and all of a sudden from within her appeared a key. She held the key in her hand and it was a perfect fit to open the gate, so she did. It screeched as she opened it. She opened it slowly, her heart beating out of her chest.

Behold, there standing before her, a man wrapped in pure white light. Hair as white as wool and eyes like flames of fire. He is the One she had been searching for all along. The other path seemed promising but only got burdensome the further she went. It looked easier, or so she thought but the ancient path was worth it even through the shedding of blood. It cost her, her life and it was worth it just to see His face.

She was bloody and beaten up from her treacherous journey but that was but a distant memory, for she had seen the One who is altogether lovely and wonderful. There He stood and as she walked through the ancient gate, she had walked through the hole in His side. As she walked through Him, she came out clean, robed in fine white linen and a crown upon her head. She felt she didnt deserve it, yet He insisted. He had prepared a table, a feast for her to come and eat with Him and all of heaven. She had come home, and they all were so excited that she had made it, despite the path she had to endure.

The path was narrow but opened up to all of heaven, a great expanse of Him and all His goodness. The lower she got the more she felt His breath upon her face, encouraging her to press on where many were afraid to go. It was the joy set before Him that He endured the cross and it was her joy to pick up her cross and carry it too. He showed her the joy in suffering and in being misunderstood. His death, brought resurrection life and here on this ancient path she went through the same. She lost her life to gain it in Him.

So now, she stands at the crossroad, when others are ready to make the choice of which path to go down. Each one has a choice and she holds nothing back in explaining the two paths. Some decide to go the easy way and some take the ancient one. Again each one has to make their own choice and some go around and around, entrenched in the old beaten path and others may go around it once and see there’s got to be more.

She is a pioneer, and she knows the path is hard but the journey worth it. Just as Jesus was with her, she cheers others on as they face the limbs, the thorns, the blood, the weakness and speaks life and courage to go on, to press on towards the mark and finish all the way through! Those that chose the ancient path are prepared to die to everything they’ve known but are ready to die so they can surely live.

Open up you ancient gates, for the King of glory to come in. The Ancient path is calling you to come and experience the most crazy and wild trek of your life. On this path you will go low and lower still, yet great grace will sustain you and seeing His burning eyes are worth it all. It may not seem appealing but I promise you, from one who’s been and taken the journey….I’ve tasted the ancient path that leads to the ancient one and there’s no going back, no matter what.

Amanda Leonard

3. Urgency of Spirit

By Nancy Taylor Warner

Some months ago, a friend mentioned an “urgency of spirit” in pursuing God’s glory. As I proceeded with my duties, suddenly I realized I was singing in a way I had not experienced in some time. Later, I recognized it was the releasing of God’s presence that caused me to worship with such abandonment. I remembered experiencing this maybe twenty years prior in a powerful way, and I realized it was that same dimension of God’s presence again being released.

Since then, there has been what I call “a quiet visitation” taking place here at the Prayer Chapel, marked by the presence of the Lord. In some past moves of God, people were encouraged to spend time soaking in the presence of the Lord. The Lord is again releasing His presence in places where the door is open for Him to come in, that He might further fill us as He works within our hearts.

I have continued to think about what this “urgency of spirit” might mean. There are words I have carried in my heart for years, about a visitation yet to come, the releasing of God’s glory, pure and holy from the throne of God. I believe we are living in that time frame now, and will begin to experience the presence of the Lord in even greater ways.

But what does it mean to have an “urgency of spirit?” I thought of my friend who I sometimes jokingly call the moseying prophet. They obviously hear from the Lord and have a depth of spiritual understanding, but how could someone so laid back speak of such an urgency?

When I understood, I was amazed. It has to do with knowing something is at hand, feeling an urgency to “get ready,” but not doing anything in our flesh to try to make it happen. As I thought about this, I thought of two contrasting examples in Scripture.

Sarah knew she was going to have a child. Rather than focusing on “getting ready,” because of the “urgency” she felt, she tried to make it happen through her own efforts instead of waiting on God’s timing. God’s intention was not aborted, that joy still came, but Sarah sure went through a lot grief.

By way of contrast, there was also an “urgency of spirit” that caused Naomi to leave Moab and Ruth to follow her. Ruth too was going to have a son, but because neither Naomi or she knew it, their flesh did not get in the way. They recognized it was God as His plan began to unfold, then entered into a place of rest as they awaited His timing. God’s intention was fulfilled unhindered. How they rejoiced!

This “urgency of spirit” is very real today. Much is happening in the world and in our own nation. We are on the threshold of an end time move of God such as we have not seen. The culmination of the ages is about to burst forth as the glory of the Lord is revealed and covers the earth.

May our flesh not react to the “urgency” we may feel, but may we position ourselves in Christ as we prepare our hearts, watching at His gates, waiting at His doors, so as God moves, we hear and respond rightly.

If you remember the parable in Matthew 25, all ten virgins had lamps. Lamps speak of salvation, a free gift. Yet only five had bought oil. Oil speaks of the anointing, that which comes from time spent with the Lord; there is cost involved, choices we make. May our lamps be full, that when the door opens and the Lord comes in greater ways, we might be “ready” to enter into what God is doing.

I remember my dad saying that the five wise and the five foolish are in us – the deciding vote is ours! Are we going to be wise, or foolish?

My prayer is that the Lord blesses you today in the choices you make. May we be prepared, poised and ready, with oil in our lamps.

Our Website: I welcome you to visit our website, www.wadetaylor.org. There are many teachings written by Wade Taylor and others, as well as audio files (Messages to Hear & See – videos by Wade Taylor; Messages to Hear – audios by Wade Taylor and myself) which are a present word for today.

The Prayer Chapel: Almost always, there is something happening here at the Parousia Ministries Prayer Chapel the 2nd Saturday of the month! November 11, Steve Porter will minister. On months without a scheduled speaker, we have Tea, Coffee & Prayer. What special times these have been! More information is on our website. Please, ALWAYS confirm if you plan to come, in case there are schedule changes!

Wade Taylor Publications: www.wadetaylorpublications.org is a separate part of my dad’s ministry that was close to his heart. On this website, you can buy Books, CDs and DVDs by Wade Taylor. Also a prayer ministry, they can be contacted by calling 800-349-0340, or by emailing joanne@wadetaylorpublications.org. Contact information is also on their website!

It is my prayer that a present word will continue to be available to you through this ministry, that you might be spiritually edified and receive an impartation of our Lord’s presence through the teachings.

May you increasingly prosper, both spiritually and in your life circumstances, beyond all that you have experienced in the past, and also, may you be blessed in life, in health, and in all that is before you.

Prayerfully yours,

Nancy Taylor Warner

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