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The breath of God is life. All breath is from God. All that has breath has its life from God. (Acts 17:24-25) (1 Tim 6:13).

There is natural breath and Spirit breath.

Without breath there are no spoken words. The Spirit breath of God spoke, and light was created. All that was created in the heavens and on earth was created by the Spirit breath of God that spoke creation into being. (Gen 1, 2).

All creation is sustained by the released power and design by the Spirit breath of God Almighty through Christ Jesus. (Col 1:15-18).

All that has breath on earth is alive in the natural realm. Mankind was created with natural breath and the Spirit breath of God. Adam was given the breath of natural life and the breath of Spirit life. (Gen 1:26-28) (Gen 2:7).

When Adam sinned against God, he lost the supernatural Spirit quality of life of God.

Redeemed human beings who are redeemed from the curse of Adam by the blood of the Lamb, the sacrificial life of Christ Jesus at the cross, and His resurrected life now abiding in us by the Holy Spirit, are fully restored to the Spirit breath of God as well as the natural breath of natural life in this world. (Col 1 19-29).

Natural breath gives us living connection in this world. Spirit breath gives us connection in the Spirit realm, the ability to know the will of God, and the power to bring it about in the natural world from the Spirit realm of God in heaven. (1 Cor 6_16).

Natural man has no ability to know the will of God but does have the natural spirit of a living being to impact the world with the will of fallen man under the influence and powers of darkness. The operation of this reality is commonly referred to as sorcery, witchcraft, mind craft, and many other occult type names.

These same evil spirit forces that seek to rule the natural world are present in many other works that have more socially acceptable names. These evil spirits also sometimes hide behind and work within secular and religious systems. Some of the most common have names like humanism, intellectualism, materialism, communism, socialism, racism, fascism, pacifism, and multitudes of secular and religious “isms.”

Many of the religious “isms” are mixtures of some Spirit truth with evil spirit fallacious concepts. Even much of Christianity has been infiltrated with fallen world concepts to form a “Christianism” type religious mixture.

Anything, even good things from God, can become idols that are openings for the works of evil spirits to affect the people. As soon as people begin to trust in something other than God to meet their needs and fulfill their lives, the thing in which they trust becomes an idol to them. Our trust is to be always ultimately in God. All good things come from God. (James 1:17).

None of this darkness and mixture is allowed in the New Jerusalem city of the fullness of the kingdom of God reality on earth as it is in heaven. (Rev 21:27).

World Preparation for Arising Kingdom Reality

There are two major aspects or fronts of the world preparation through transformation:

  • One part is the removal of all of the evil fallen world ways in the hearts and minds of the people through the powerful love of Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit dissolving the works of the enemy in the hearts and minds of redeemed people. And replacing it with the pure holy love of God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit.
  • The other part is the dissolution of all that lifts itself against God. Literally the removal from the earth of all that man has built or allowed that is not of God. Every work planted by the enemy will be dissolved from the earth from its root to its fruit and its seed.

The fire of God that is now coming near the earth with a mighty roar will refine the godly and destroy all that is not of God.

This is not a one-time 24 hour situation but a season of both of the two aspects of world reformation working simultaneously to be dissolving all evil and bringing forth the righteousness, peace, and joy of the real kingdom of God in the Holy Spirit. The roaring fire of God is fear and destruction to natural fallen man, and at the same time great glory to the pure and holy humble mature sons and daughters of God.

In the kingdom of God on earth, there is to be no more mixture in the people of God. The brightness of the glory of God consumes all darkness in the mature sons and daughters of God. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His presence. 2 Thessalonians 2:8. We as mature holy sons and daughters in whom Christ dwells by the Holy Spirit have the breath of the Lord. We become the voice of the Lord on earth speaking forth only what the Father is doing and saying.

While We Have Breath in Us….

Dear friends, God is reminding us that the only time we have to do our part of speaking the world-changing Spirit words of world transformation to the kingdom of God is WHILE WE HAVE HIS SPIRIT BREATH AND THE BREATH OF THIS LIFE IN US.


My dear loved ones, now is the time that I have given you My breath filled with My love and power to finish that which I have sent you into this world to be and to do. Now it is that My light is in you, with you, and around you. My Spirit is alive in you, and all things are possible. Nothing is too hard for Me. Be cleansed in the purity of the brilliant light of my love and flow My love, power, and heaven’s reality in the places where I have placed you and in the places to which I will lead you. Today while My BREATH is in you, speak My heart of love to My world and all that is in it. Breathe deeply of Me, and speak with My authority to the entire world. Finish the course. Well done, my faithful Sons!

Thank You, Father God! Thank You, Lord Jesus! Thank You, Holy Spirit! Father, we pray in the name of Jesus, please help us to not waste the time and the gifts that You have entrusted to us for this world. Father, help us NOT to take anything to the grave with us that you have intended for us to release to Your people and Your Planet Earth. Let us plant into this world all that You have entrusted to us for this world. Awaken and empower Your sons and daughters to pour out to this world all that You have given to us for this world while we have breath is in us. Thank you, Lord God, for all your blessings of mercy, grace, and Your Spirit Breath to do and be Your voice in this world. We praise You, Almighty God of all! Amen.

Praise the Lord!

Praise God in His sanctuary;
Praise Him in His mighty firmament!

Praise Him for His mighty acts;
Praise Him according to His excellent greatness!

Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet;
Praise Him with the lute and harp!
Praise Him with the timbrel and dance;
Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes!
Praise Him with loud cymbals;
Praise Him with clashing cymbals!

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Praise ye the Lord! Psalm 150.

Ron McGatlin

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