Some months ago, a friend mentioned an “urgency of spirit” in pursuing God’s glory. As I proceeded with my duties, suddenly I realized I was singing in a way I had not experienced in some time. Later, I recognized it was the releasing of God’s presence that caused me to worship with such abandonment. I remembered experiencing this maybe twenty years prior in a powerful way, and I realized it was that same dimension of God’s presence again being released.
Since then, there has been what I call “a quiet visitation” taking place here at the Prayer Chapel, marked by the presence of the Lord. In some past moves of God, people were encouraged to spend time soaking in the presence of the Lord. The Lord is again releasing His presence in places where the door is open for Him to come in, that He might further fill us as He works within our hearts.
I have continued to think about what this “urgency of spirit” might mean. There are words I have carried in my heart for years, about a visitation yet to come, the releasing of God’s glory, pure and holy from the throne of God. I believe we are living in that time frame now, and will begin to experience the presence of the Lord in even greater ways.
But what does it mean to have an “urgency of spirit?” I thought of my friend who I sometimes jokingly call the moseying prophet. They obviously hear from the Lord and have a depth of spiritual understanding, but how could someone so laid back speak of such an urgency?
When I understood, I was amazed. It has to do with knowing something is at hand, feeling an urgency to “get ready,” but not doing anything in our flesh to try to make it happen. As I thought about this, I thought of two contrasting examples in Scripture.
Sarah knew she was going to have a child. Rather than focusing on “getting ready,” because of the “urgency” she felt, she tried to make it happen through her own efforts instead of waiting on God’s timing. God’s intention was not aborted, that joy still came, but Sarah sure went through a lot grief.
By way of contrast, there was also an “urgency of spirit” that caused Naomi to leave Moab and Ruth to follow her. Ruth too was going to have a son, but because neither Naomi or she knew it, their flesh did not get in the way. They recognized it was God as His plan began to unfold, then entered into a place of rest as they awaited His timing. God’s intention was fulfilled unhindered. How they rejoiced!
This “urgency of spirit” is very real today. Much is happening in the world and in our own nation. We are on the threshold of an end time move of God such as we have not seen. The culmination of the ages is about to burst forth as the glory of the Lord is revealed and covers the earth.
May our flesh not react to the “urgency” we may feel, but may we position ourselves in Christ as we prepare our hearts, watching at His gates, waiting at His doors, so as God moves, we hear and respond rightly.
If you remember the parable in Matthew 25, all ten virgins had lamps. Lamps speak of salvation, a free gift. Yet only five had bought oil. Oil speaks of the anointing, that which comes from time spent with the Lord; there is cost involved, choices we make. May our lamps be full, that when the door opens and the Lord comes in greater ways, we might be “ready” to enter into what God is doing.
I remember my dad saying that the five wise and the five foolish are in us – the deciding vote is ours! Are we going to be wise, or foolish?
My prayer is that the Lord blesses you today in the choices you make. May we be prepared, poised and ready, with oil in our lamps.
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It is my prayer that a present word will continue to be available to you through this ministry, that you might be spiritually edified and receive an impartation of our Lord’s presence through the teachings.
May you increasingly prosper, both spiritually and in your life circumstances, beyond all that you have experienced in the past, and also, may you be blessed in life, in health, and in all that is before you.
Prayerfully yours,
Nancy Taylor Warner


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