A Divine Convergence Part 2: UPDATE!

By Henry J. Falcone                    (For Part 1, Click Here)

Beloved, I have an update on the Word God gave me a few days ago about the Divine Convergence.

Hurricane Harvey was a prelude to what the Lord is now going to release in our nation spiritually. As horrible as the devastation was and the tragedy of the lives lost, it was a sign of the divine shift God is bringing to this nation.

Hurricane Irma is a prophetic sign to us that the start of the Holy Spirit rain coming forth from the South to this nation is now at hand.

Update for the Northwest Region

In the first post, the Lord showed me three moves of the Spirit of God in our nation.

First, the Northwest was going to begin to blow with the Winds of Glory that are going to sweep all the way across this nation and blow upon Washington DC. These Winds of Glory are going to change the direction of this nation to turn back to our Lord and King Jesus Christ.

He told me these winds of glory would affect the politicians in this land from the smallest communities in every state to very heart of the Nation’s Capital. The Lord is showing me today that these winds of glory from the Northwest are going to accelerate the work of the Holy Spirit in God’s full grown sons and daughters to come into dominion authority.

They will be called a “Joseph company” for the favor of God will rest upon them.

These mature sons and daughters are going to begin to effect the politics and policies of this nation from small towns to the halls of Congress and the White House.

This is beginning in Seattle Washington and other cities in the Northwest. The winds of glory are bringing supernatural wisdom and knowledge of God’s ways and purposes for each region and then to our entire nation.

When the leaders in these regions realize there are no answers to their problems without God, some will turn to God’s full grown sons and daughters for a present word from the Lord. This “Joseph Company” will be filled with the wisdom and glory of God to solve the problems no one else could ever solve.

As Joseph was seen to have God’s favor and wisdom upon him, likewise these sons and daughters will have great favor and even greater favor. The Lord is going to bless everything their hands touch with double portion anointing as He blessed Joseph’s hands. In that time, many are going to be saved and transformed by the blowing of God’s glory winds.

Others will rise up with hatred in their hearts and oppose these “Joseph company” sons and daughters, but God will release winds of judgments against them to shut the mouths of these lions once again, and God will prevail.

Update for the Northeast Region

The Northeast USA is going to begin to receive an outpouring of the Fire of God to break loose the people of God in that region. Then it will sweep down through the whole USA, bringing true repentance in the “House of God.”

The Fire of God is coming to melt away the hardened hearts of the people of God in the Northeast. God has come to you with many moves of His Spirit in the past, but many hearts remained too hard, rebellious, and stubborn to fully yield the totality of their being to the Lord.

The indulgence of self-preservation that has bound up God’s people in this region, and brought great hurt and division to the house of God, is coming to an end.

The fire is going to do a deep work of calling His people to repent and change. The full grown sons and daughters are going to come forth as an “Elijah Company.” From the fire that is beginning to burn from this region, His mature ones will speak. They will be able to call down the Fire of the Lord like Elijah.

They will walk in a double portion of Jonathan Edwards who preached in the Northeast and brought cities to their knees. This “Elijah Company” will come forth to preach the Holy Fire of the Gospel of the Kingdom from the Northeast to spread through the nation.

The word that God pust in the mouths of the Elijah Company in this region, will be as a two-edged sword that will rip apart those hard hearts and cause them to be open to the true Gospel of the Kingdom.

This Elijah Company will bring to this region the true “Baptism of Fire” that John the Baptist spoke about. This time many in the House of God will receive the fire of God to change them and will not misuse it to build their own ministries.

This Elijah Company will bring the revolutionary spiritual change that God has wanted to do in the “Northeast for over 20 years. There will be no more delay there. The Kingdom of God work of the Lord will come forth from this region as God has spoken.

Where selfishness and self-serving prevailed, the fire of pure holy love of God will come. As in the book of acts chapter 2: 42-46 people will begin to sell properties and lay them at the Apostles feet to distribute to the people as they have need. There will not be a needy one among them.

The Spirit of true holy love, generosity, and hospitality will come forth from this region as they burn with His holy fire. Many will be added to the Kingdom daily. Great signs and miracles will accompany this Elijah Company in the Northeast to prove that God is the God that still answers by Fire.

The Lord will turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons, and the sons to the fathers in this region, and greater healing will be released in the families, that will then be spread throughout the nation.

Update for the South Region

Next, I saw torrential rains coming forth from the South that would soak this region spiritually. This rain was going to be the former and latter rains given together as a deluge. The outpouring of this rain is going to pour upon His full grown sons and daughters causing a “Noah Company’ to arise from the South.

“As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man as He is revealed in this Noah Company. This company will have the wisdom of the Lord in them on how to navigate safely through the down pouring rains that are about to come spiritually and naturally upon this region.

They are now receiving special preparation and training to have great wisdom and grace to “build an ark” of safety with the Lord.

This Noah Company will bring into safety those who will receive the rain. They will raise up a “Goshen Saved People” who will be kept safe from the hour coming upon the earth. They will be filled with the peace and safety of the Lord. They will be fearless and will enter into the spiritual “ark of the Lord” that will appear in the South.

They will enter this “ark of safety” and will bring the latter rains of Holy Spirit outpouring of power throughout our entire nation. This “ark of safety” will protect all those that God has chosen for Himself from the highways and byways to fill his house. As they enter the “ark of safety” the “Goshen people” will become like mighty men of war ready for the Lord’s use.

They will walk and release His provision in strategic places. They will be able to release once again manna from heaven and bring water from the rock to preserve God’s people in the deluge of rain that is to come.

The hurricanes of 2017 are prophetic spiritual signs of the cleansing waters the Lord is bringing to this region to wash the mixture of religion and the world off the “Bible Belt Saints” of God. There will be no more mixture in the House of God starting in the South.

As the rain begins to pour, the Noah Company will warn the nation, that the flood of cleansing judgments is coming and the time to enter the ark is now. They will proclaim that God desires to make their heart a ‘Goshen” of safety so they can overcome the world through Jesus Christ our Lord.

God is about to pour upon the South a spiritual revolution of the greatest magnitude the world has ever seen. The Lord is releasing a divine strategy to the Noah Company of how to bring about the transformation of the youth and young adults, the Omega Generation, to rise up as a mighty army of God.

The Omega Generation will be living and breathing Goshen people to their generation. Their life will be so saturated with the Spirit of God that they will be an ark to those who need to escape what is coming upon the earth.

This young generation will arise and take their place as mature sons and daughters of God and bring the rain of God’s glory wherever they are sent. They will become an “ark” for their generation to find Jesus as King of Kings. They will enter full Kingdom reality in their lives.

Then they will be sent to the other regions of the nation and soak the youth and young adults with the cleansing waters of God cleansing them from the filth with which Satan has tried to cover them.

The youth and young adults will no longer be confused about their identities. They will find their true IDENTITY IN JESUS! They will become a Noah Omega Generation of warriors of the Lord. They will work hand in hand with the Noah Company to bring this rain across the land.

They will not wander in the wilderness of IDENTITY POLITICS AND IDENTITY CHOICE the enemy has tried to sow in this land. The mask of confusion hiding the enemy will be lifted off and his skirt of deception will be lifted up to expose the evil of IDENTITY CHOICE.

God is powerfully going to fill them with former and latter rain that the will speak and demonstrate with great signs and wonders. No one will be able to deny the miracles God will have them do.

Those who see these miracles will say like Pharaoh did when his army drowned in the sea, “The God of Moses is God.” There will be no mistaking that God made us in his image and like Him, and that he made them male and female.

The hurricane former and latter rains will impact the grade schools to the colleges and universities. As the Holy Spirit fell upon the “hippies” of the 60’s to raise up a Jesus movement that touched the land, so will it be once again upon the Omega Generation.

The rain has come to touch the generations x, y and z to come forth into their Kingdom destiny. They will not be shaken. They will not be moved. They will be like Joel’s army. They will not break ranks.

They will not be divided. They will run through a troop and leap over a wall. They will shake this nation as they arise to their feet and converge with those God will bring out of the other regions of this nation.

God’s Noah Company, along with these arising young people will be set in battle gear of the Spirit of God to bring forth this spiritual revolution that will transform the House of God and this nation.

Updating the Divine Convergence

God has heard the cries of his remnant sons and daughters in our nation. He is now executing His plan of action. He is accelerating his work in his full grown sons and daughters. They are going to first arise in these regions to transform their region.

They will be released from all three areas and bring a divine convergence in the heartland of this nation. There they will release the cleansing judgments as God has decreed.

Spontaneous new directions for his sons and daughters will come daily and moment by moment. The enemy will have no idea what God is about to do, or whom He will do it through as God calls out His own to come and fill His house.

The enemy will not be able to keep up with God because the Lord is now throwing him and his hordes into deep confusion. John 3:3 testifies, “The wind blows where it will, you can hear the sound, but you don’t know where it comes from or where it goes, such are those who are born of the Spirit.”

The wheel within a wheel will come forth now and nothing can stop its movement upon the earth. God is not going to do this work through one large mega church, small church, small or mega ministry, or anything else we have seen in the church age. He is doing it through the manifestations of the Sons of God.

Jesus Christ is in His Bride at His marriage supper and now that glory will be seen upon the earth. The revelation and manifestation of the New Jerusalem City of God is now coming forth. These three moves of the Spirit have come to the USA to bring this forth now.

Beloved, His bride all adorned in white will now be fully leaning upon her beloved, Jesus Christ. The will of the Father will be done in them on earth as it is heaven. Romans 8: 15 testifies, “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. “

Three Become One

As all three moves of the Spirit of God are now beginning released in the USA. Soon, they will come together as one mighty move of the Spirit that Jesus will be seen glorified in His saints. As this divine convergence transforms His people, they will be formed into one mighty army and horn of the Lord. The Lord will be seen and heard in His people.

The glory winds of the Northwest, along with the Fire of God in the Northeast, will merge with the Former and Latter rains of the South as a divine convergence that will transform this nation. God is now positioning and arranging His body parts as He wills in each of these three regions.

He has put a lighting match in their hands to start the fire of the work of God that God has given them to do in each region. He is aligning people, place, events, and time together to fulfill His words to reveal His coming glory in all the earth. The Gospel is now going to be preached “as a witness” and then the end shall come.

May the wind blow in the Northwest? May the Fire fall in the Northeast? May the rain pour on the South? Let it be done on earth as it is heaven. Amen.

Henry J. Falcone

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