Please join us in praying that God will send rain—with NO lightning—to our beloved and beautiful western states.

Aimee Herd : Sep 6, 2017 : Jamie Hale – Oregonian

(Albany, OR)—As wildfires burn in many areas from California to Idaho and Montana, residents of Oregon are particularly grieved by one of the largest blazes known as the Eagle Creek fire. (Photo: The Eagle Creek fire in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon/credit: Tristan Fortsch/via

The Eagle Creek fire in the beautiful Columbia Gorge, has reportedly now joined the Indian Creek blaze extending its reach to over 32,000 acres, and is currently zero percent contained.

While not as many homes have been threatened as in other wildfires, Oregonians are particularly grieved as the heartless flames consume hundreds of much-loved hiking trails, vistas and beloved outdoor destinations throughout the stunningly picturesque Columbia River Gorge.

On Tuesday, ash was reported falling in downtown Portland, and officials continue to warn against being outside for long periods of time in the rapidly deteriorating air quality, which is now stretching throughout the western part of the state.

Writing for The Oregonian, Jamie Hale noted some of the beloved structures and scenic destinations that were at risk of being lost, including the Multnomah Falls Lodge: (Photo: The historic Multnomah Falls Lodge, with the exquisite Multnomah Falls behind it/credit:

Dedicated in 1915, the historic Multnomah Falls Lodge was in immediate danger Tuesday morning, as photos showed flames burning just behind it. Every year, millions of tourists and locals visit the lodge and the waterfall—which is the tallest in Oregon—making it one of the most popular attractions in the region…

…Crews have worked to wrap buildings in fireproof materials, clear out surrounding brush and in some cases have set up sprinklers to keep them wet … While the trails themselves are often just as beloved as the buildings, there’s no effort to protect them from the fire…

Especially disturbing is the way the Eagle Creek fire was rumored to have been started—by a handful of teens throwing lit fireworks into the canyon.

Weather forecasts are calling for some chance of showers in the next couple days in northwestern Oregon, but not any significant rainfall so far.

Devastating fires are also burning elsewhere in the state, as well, of course, as surrounding states in the west.

Please join us in praying that God will send rain—with NO lightning—to our beloved and beautiful western states.

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