“Ruling and Reigning | How God Sees You”

Reigning in life… everybody in this room is designed to reign in life. God gave you the ability to create wealth — it’s a God-given gift to all of His people — it proves He can make a covenant with His people.

His destiny for you is far beyond your imagination on your greatest day…

What does it really look like to reign as kings?

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Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor
Bethel Church, Redding

Email: info@ibethel.org
Website: Bethel.com

Bill Johnson is the Senior Pastor of Bethel Church along with his wife, Beni. Bill is a fifth generation pastor with a rich heritage in the things of the Spirit. Together, Bill and Beni serve a growing number of churches that have partnered for revival. This apostolic network has crossed denominational lines in building relationships that enable church leaders to walk in both purity and power.

Visit Bill Johnson’s Facebook page: HERE 

Source: Elijah List Publications
email: info@elijahlist.net

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