“Obviously, it’s very heroic on their part to render aid … as you would expect any decent human being to do …They are truly heroes in this incident.” -Elmira police Sgt. William Solt.

News Staff : Aug 10, 2017 : CBN News

[CBN News] A teen girl is being charged with attempted murder after abandoning her baby outside in a plastic bag for three days. (Screengrab: Karen, one of two sisters who rescued the baby/via CBN News)

Miraculously the baby survived and has no serious injuries.

The 17-year-old mother, Harriet Hoyt, left her 8-month-old daughter in a bag under some bushes in a Sayre, Pennsylvania neighborhood Saturday night.

Two sisters found the child Tuesday afternoon after hearing some odd noises.

“My sister came out off the porch and went to the side to the backyard of my neighbor’s house with a stick, thinking it was a dog. We thought it was a dog, honey, and it wasn’t. It was a baby,” Karen Seals told reporters.

“I was going to go poke it to see what it was. I dropped that stick, looked down. I dropped it so fast, I walked up and I seen my baby—I’m calling it my baby—the baby, a little girl. Her legs were just dangling in the bag, her head was in the bag, her whole head was covered all the way down. I tore it,” Karen’s sister, Kayla Seals added.

The women gave the child aid until emergency personnel arrived on scene.

Elmira police Sgt. William Solt called the two women “heroes.”

“Obviously, it’s very heroic on their part to render aid, immediately get inside, as you would expect any decent human being to do. Washed up the baby as quickly as they could and did whatever they could until first responders arrived. They are truly heroes in this incident,” he said.

The baby was hospitalized in stable condition Wednesday.

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